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December 16, 2023

I finished the Schlossberg Stüble (Faller 130391), an older kit from Faller. Totally new and never seen before by others maiing this kit: the reet roofing, after such good results with the Hallenhaus, as well as the aging of the plasterwork of the tower, which in a sense is the same as Schloss Cochem. Although initially intended for the Rheinstrecke module in the display case, during construction I increasingly got the impression that it fits perfectly on the 'Agrikultur Pur' module of the Cochemer Bahn.




November 30, 2023

With 60... Märklin's Überraschungslok 38201 as 18 201





November 11, 2023

With a lovely sunset, I was able to capture the Pulverturm Insel from the rear side...




November 2023

Major progress on the Pulverturm Insel and Market Square.



Thursday, 12 October 2023

Small new photoshoot of my DB 01 1088 mit Altbaukessel

The first release was returned to my dealer's on 30.9.2023, due to improper production; this one I got back, as a special singular delivery!


Märklin 39760 (2nd model, now my own in better shape)


Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Special delivery from Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur Köln: Heurechen, Cart and Calvinistenkreuz for the Royal Fence.





Monday, 2 October 2023

The Lindau Fence from Adler Modellbahmanufaktur Köln arrived per DHL... 



September 30, 2023

Photoshoot at my dealers'...



ESU 31182


ESU 31183


Märklin 37148


Tillig 72012


Trix 22458


Roco 79266


Roco 70331


Piko 51472


Märklin 26591 



September 14-15, 2023

Painting und Patinierung des Faller Hallenhaus (130552) in Oldenburger Osterthuner Tradition. The making of is described in Chapter 45.




September 11, 2023

Private photoshoot at Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur Köln... with many gems!


Micro Metakit 10102H


Micro Feinmechanik 97402HL


Micro Metakit 89110H | i.c.w. Bavaria | Kesselwagen 500023


Umbau by Adler of a Brawa G 10 (DB) into SEK, nr. Ka.891 (model owned by Raxo Rallis)


Weinert 4229 | DB 38 1772 der Epoche 3


Teichmann Wipplager Fahrwerk der BR 93.0-4




Teichmann Wipplagerfahrwerk


Unfinished prototype of a pr. T16.0 by mr. Gebhard Reitz (Fleischmann chassis, Westmann boiler, Gölsdorf Steuerung)


One of the most awkward models from the darkest hour of Germans History. Dirk Ade (fomer coworker at Micro Metakit) made three pieces world wide of this Red Cross version for Eisenbahn Canada.

Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur Köln was asked by its current owner to to completely sandblast and convert this model in 2023. 


September 7, 2023

The Renvovation Story has a new Chapter about the Weinkellerei annex Burgmühle, two model kits from Faller, which I assembled, altered and adapted into one major buidling.




September 3, 2023

This morning I received word from Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur that they will take care of the Schloss Cochem Project.

After many discussions back and forth between me and Adler in the past months, mostly about the Main Fence 'in sort of Buckingham Papace style', we decided to top it of - or even better: to crown it all! - NOT with a intially supposed brass crown in general, but a crown specially designed and manufactured for Schloss Cochem, made out of 14 K/585er gold, which in the end will be positioned on top of the Main Fence to the Roayal Square, at the entrance of Schloss Cochem.

I now have this slight feeling, that the Cochemer Bahn will be the first layout in history (perhaps in the world?) containing a real gold crown, be it even no more than 3 mm wide.

Now, it will take some time before Adler has manufactured and constructed the whole fence. So, please be patient with me!


585er Gold | 14K


August 18, 2023

Three days ago the 7th, today the 8th shipment from Faller Gütenbach arrived. The waiting si still for the Rundturm (130826) which will not be released untill September...

The Burgmühle will be combined with the Weinkellerei as one buidling, hiding the two houses on the backdrop. Together with the Hallenhouse (Faller 130552) and Vogtsbauernhof (Faller 130677) they will form an agricultural environment behind Stift Cochem.






August 13, 2023

Last week, Philippe Hofmann (Alsace Lorraine), a friend of Jean Buchman, was so kind to send me pictures of all German models which he has altered into AL the last decadss.

Although I did have to do quite some doctoring to remove smudges, dust and even a firm amount of dirt on his lens, most pictures are nevertheless a nice addition to the ModelsList.





August 10, 2023

It's in the details that feelings of rewarding are found... only 3 planks, covering an unforseen light spot (see Chapter 25).




August 7, 2023

Finally time to write the first chapters about the squares around Schloss Cochem. Although construction was simultaneous, I have divided the chapters by location.

Starting with the Royal Square.




July 20, 2023

Adding some gems of old catalogues to the HP and into my files: Roco 1976 & News 1977







July 6, 2023

New arrival today: Part 2




June 25, 2023

Finished Verladekran (Faller 120029), Toilet House and Switching Station, the latter two part of Station Set "Susch" (Faller 190059). 







May17, 2023

My Brawa 02 006 (DRG) arrived...


Brawa 40963 | 19.5.2023


April 26, 2023

Starting Schalthaus Zernez, the 2nd kit. See: Chapter 3 of the Rheinstrecke-Journal.




"Die Verwandlung eines Serienbausatzes zum Unikat ist dir wiedereinmal hervorragend gelungen."

(Friedl Güth on FB)



April 21, 2023 - Dortmund Intermodellbau 2023

Meeting people (Adler), some serious handshaking (Faller) and a photoshoot (Märklin). See the special page Dortmund 2023


Dortmund Westfalenhalle, 21.4.2023




April 18, 2023

Next to the Cochemer Bahn, a freshly new chapter will be written: D i e  R h e i n s t r e c k e



April 14-16, 2023

The Pulverturm got additional wiring and a cartboard square. Read more in Chapter 32.6.



April 8, 2023

Cobblestones aririved at my stead! The Schoss Cochem Adventure continues...




April 2, 2023

While Schloss Cochem stood aimlessly on the layout for months after finishing, awaiting Jimmy's cobblestone squares, I wanted to temporarily remove it during this weekend,

because I can expect Jimmy's shipment any moment now. However, when lifting the south side, I heard a creak on the north side. Both guardhouses had come loose from the building along with the stairs. I've always had an awkward feeling towards those two houses. The scale looks more TT than H0. So, I've decided to remove them anyway.

Because of the glue traces I sanded, primed and weathered this side of the stairs again. I found a fitting door and in effect this is just what I was looking for at this spot.






March 18

The Lindau Townhall finally got a statue at the front facade. Taken from the Faller set 151634...




March 18

Thanks to Mirko Kütbach, my Milchwagen (Brawa 48667) now carries the proper shields "MIilchwagen".

Never released by Brawa as such (although announced with black ones), we discussed this omission on FB, and Mirko spontaneously offered them to me! Hut ab.




March 18

Small photoshoot at my dealer's with f.i. the 2nd Märklin Insider Locomotiv 2022, E 71 26:


Märklin 39771


... and some purchases


Roco 76774


Brawa 48039


Brawa 48043 


March 16

I was finally able to write an important chapter in the Cochemer Bahn's History: About Cobbelstones



March 10

New Era 1b Bavarian purchase, be it probably not prototypical: Schwapp, der gute Fliegenfänger  ( Brawa 49750, LE 2018)



March 9

A new skyline is developing in the West...




March 8

The Pulverturm was finished today. The cross on the spire will be positioned when the Turm is positioned on the Cochemer Bahn.

Read the story of construction in Chapter 32 of the Journal.




February 22, 2023

Today, Shipment 4 arrived, including Pulverturm, Schildturm mit Wehrgang, Wehrtürme and Altstadtmauer. Schloss Cochem will be closed with this expansion.

Read  ore in Chapter 32.




February 18, 2023

This morning arrived (Shipment 3)... Weinpresse (Faller 180335)




February 2023

Bird's eye view...



February 14, 2023 - Valentine's Day

Last night I had a work meeting (per mail) with Faller at 11 p.m. to post a message on Faller Instagram this week regarding the 'Tieren im Wald' recently placed on the Cochemer Bahn.
This morning multiple editorial consultations followed regarding text and photos. But at noon there was an incentive article on both Faller Instagram and Faller Facebook.
Tonight already about the more than 600 hits on Insta and various reactions on FB. Faller's overtures were not only very generous but also very appreciative.

All credits to the Marketing Department. I can't mention their names, though, but that's not important here either.




February 10, 2023

A call from Faller... the Pulverturm and other kits will be deliverd in three weeks.

Besides, triggered by Chapter 31 ("Animals in the Forest "), Faller will release pictures of mine on their Instagram Account.


Another three weeks to go... 


"No, I can not! I am busy. The fox and the weasel are coming..."

(Watership Down)


February 2023

The Renovation Journal is being... renovated, with a new and complete index.


January 28, 2023

This very afternoon I received the flyer News Q1/2023 from Adler Modelbahnmanufaktur Köln with (again) a picture of the CB on page 9.



January 27, 2023

Today, Brawa announced - as the very last Gerrman firms - the news 2023. For me, it will be a cheap year.

Unlike Märklin and Roco, only Brawa has paid attention to the Era 1 collectors this year.

A nice must have model is this brownish Milchwagen with attractive printing:




January 22, 2023

Gute Fahrt in die neuwe Woche...



January 21, 2023

Ever since Faller's set of forest animals with the orange-red fox caught my eye, I knew I'd run it on the wall.
With a nod to the Song of Solomon 2, 15:

"Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.”

Read more about the fox and other animals in Chapter 31.




January 18-21, 2023

Schratchbuilding a Vineyard Watchtower. Read more in Chapter 30.




January 15, 2023

Finishing the building of the West Tower, as well as completing the report, to be found in Chapter 29



January 5, 2023

Today I finished the WeinHof which I started as last year's module, needed to fill the final gap of the Cochemer Bahn Layout.

 The making of the WeinHof can be found in Chapter 28, whereas the previous  Chapter 27 describes how I started the module with only one building.



December 3,1 2022

Faller's Weinhaus finished... the end of 2022!





Also see the Agenda of previous years:





















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