R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


Pulverturm Insel



41.1 ~ Planning

(7 July, 2023)


The planning of the Pulverturm Island ran parallel to the planning of Schloss Cochem and the large square.
Until a year ago I was of the opinion that the Pulverturm and its walls together with Schloss Cochem would form a unity,

with the Johannes Kapelle being directly connected to Schloss Cochem by a wall.

However, this arrangement did not really satisfy me. 





Until the idea dawned on me to build a moat between the castle and the Pulverturm, making the Pulverturm, as it were, on a separate island.

Hence the name Pulverturm Insel.




41.2 ~ Cutting the walls

(7 July, 2023) 



Hand carved Styrodur/Styrofoam













41.2 ~ From Moat tot Utmost Corner

(20 July - 15 August, 2023) 






















41.3 ~ Major Efforts

(20 September - 17 November , 2023) 


Almost a month later. there's some more progress.

Because the base of the Pulverturm Insel is separate from the central base plate, reinforcement is required at the fault line. I don't want to rely solely on the wood glue.





Because the beam I am using here originally belonged to Schloss Bran and is shorter because of the terrace there,

I now had to use an extension piece. Four pieces of wooden beams were sufficient.





I have thought for a long time about the shape and position of the entrance to the Pulverturm Insel.

Stairs or slope? For king or staff only? Both the shape of a staircase and a more northern location were preferred for a long time.
Until the Rundturm was finished and I simply extended the tiling work already present at the Pulverturm towards the Lustgarten.

The final plan also depended on the layout of the Lustgarten and its relationship to the large staircase from the Royal Square.





October 23rd







Finally, after many months... the Pulverturm can be glued in place...


... followed by the Rundturm and Wehrturm and a wall piece in the back.


Now that the Rundturm is in place, I can start cutting the roof parts to size, intended for the section of wall between Pulverturm and Rundturm.

Because Faller could no longer supply the roof parts of Schloss Bran (fortunately, I did receive the Bran wall panels!), I cut them myself from a larger sheet.


Remember? (see: Chapter 32)


I had to extend the truss section.

If I had known that there were still several parts in the storage box, I would have chosen the part with windows.

On the other hand, you are dry under the medieval roof, while you open the door to the Rundturm with your set of keys.


At night it looks like this... 







The next day it was the slope's turn.

I have decided to remove the grey border, intended as a sidewalk for staff, and only use red tiles as the driveway.

Jimmy Low's remaining wall sections, intended for the small Lustgarten, are now useful again in the large Lustgarten.




24.10.2023 ~ Pulverturm and Rundturm at dawn, the real evening sky


And then comes one of the more satisfying things about model making:

cutting wall sections by hand and giving them your own touch.

Each stone is cut by hand, both at front and rear side.







With the toothbrush I make marks in the stones, which show the ravages of time.

It is the same structure as the capping stones along the ramp at the entrance of the castle.


This is another example of designing as you go.

Step by step, a plan is developing that I could not have thought up in advance.

'How will the garden fill up? Where are the wall parts located? What makes sense? Is it all still within the right proportions?'
But before nightfall, I knew how it was all going to turn out.



A gate closes off the grounds of the Pulverturm, after which you walk past the chapel towards the Torque Tower. 



Because Jimmy's wall parts are profiled on one side with a diamond grid, I first sanded them down.



A new day dawned to paint, age and install the parts.




I made a round wall edge from what was left of the Cathedral to hide the door on this side. I got the curve by using both hot water and super glue.




For these red roof tiles, I used leftover parts from other Faller construction kits. 






Before I can fill the space around the chapel and Torque Tower, I first need to know what separation I will create between the two terraces.


Nothing at all, so that you retain a nice view?


Or a hedge, as previously used at Stift Cochem? Nah...! Perhaps a low wall, with possibly a hedge on the inside?

In any case, after looking at this, the idea arose to place lime trees here too, just like at Stift Cochem.

The Johannes Kapelle deserves it!



Dietrich Frank wrote on my Facebook page, viewing this picture:

"Ganz großes Kino! Noch einen alten Rahmen um das Bild mit der Kirche und dem Platz mit den Laternen davor und es geht als Gemälde durch!"






In the meantime, minor imperfections or omissions should be corrected. Like this wall next to the moat...




Time for a rock formation at the bottom of the Pulverturm




The large gate doors have now also been glued in place.

The position of the left door speaks for itself. However, I didn't want to open the right gate door all the way, for that just looks strange.

Now it's in perfect harmony and everyone can still pass. 



The view improves more and more...! 




On November 2, I decided that there would be neither a hedge nor a fence, but a low wall that would least disturb the view.

Although a one-sided profiled wall plate from Faller, I carved both the top and the back by hand. 










The pins held the wall temporarily in place, while the glue dried.

I only had a vague idea of what the precise layout of the garden would look like. But a big old tree would definitely come. 


From the selected Seemoos trees, I chose the most beautiful specimen that best suits this location.



November 6th, Sanding the Isle!













The next day...










Untill now, I had no clue how to fill in this particular space, left the fact that there would be a tree... 










A small intermezzo due to an overdue job. I still wanted the wall on the side of the Torque Tower closed.






To 'practice' with greening, I started at the back.

But as has happened to me before with small backs on the CB: these always turn out to be beautiful miniatures.




Primer painting of the rock bottom at the foot of the Pulverturm.


I also found this jar with greenish paint, good for coloring the entire base plate.


Preparing a 2nd tree, that'll come on the other side of the St. Johann's Kapelle, near the Torque Tower.




Some dark earth and weeds around the treetrunk is mandatory. The toothpick was needed to find the hole back again.



For my pleasure, I also decorated the back. 


5.10.2023 | 10.11.2023






With a little paint, a rough, stormy sea suddenly appears to be raging at the foot of the castle, but this is only the gray rock bottom on which vegetation grows.






The next day, mostly focussing on the stairway... and during sunset a fine shot of the Pulvertrum Isle








3.12.2023 | Knight added at the front door on 27.11.23 (Faller 151631)






Some nice photos could be taken on January 5, after the module had been positioned on the Cochemer Bahn a few days earlier.











Since there was a pretty dark spot behind the Chapel, and the one stage light  near the Pulverturm was too bright,

I used a second bulb and made a series connection.










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