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Vineyard Watchtower | WeinTurm

(Scratchbuilding on basis Faller 170810 Dekorplatte Naturstein)





30.1 ~ The idea...

(January, 2023)



As long as I saw this flattened piece of rock above the wine cellar, I had planned to put a watchtower there.

Like anywhere in the world, most vineyards usually have something like a watchtower. It dates back to old testamentic times!



Although the city already has many different towers, it should not be overdone.

That is why I opted for a ruin tower, which barely rises above the wall at the front, but is completely built from the ground up at the back.


This building gave the impetus to a ruin... (somwehere in the Provence)



30.2 ~ Design and construction

(January 18-20, 2023)



As basic material I use the Faller Dekorplatte (170810). I recently ordered this from Faller.





 I gave the joints a little more depth and the stones a slightly rougher structure (hence the tooth brush),

while the smooth greyish back side still had to be completely provided with a stone profile. 



I wanted the watchtower to look out over both vineyards, hence the connection with the old city wall.




Of course, an interior cannot be missed, together with a staircase and door on the outside.

The construction of this ruined Watch Tower reminded me of the making of the ruins at the Cochemer Burg,

also a very satisfying project as described in Chapter 3.3:



But don't let me distract you from looking there now!

Let's continue here first.



There is no greater pleasure than working with real wood.



A meticulous job to cut out the door opening.


On the inside I wanted a wooden floor, which has now decayed through the ravages of time. The inner door connects exactly with the one on the outside. 




The extra staircase from Schoss Bran (Faller 13/7) fits most perfect.










On Friday, January 20, I installed the lighting of this module, connected to the 'Stift Cochem  Switchboard'. 



Saturday next, I permanently positioned the Vineyard Watchtower on the Cochemer Bahn.












I hesitated all day about giving the stairs a stone perimeter. The austerity attracted me.

Still, in retrospect it seemed too bare and too much like concrete. 








And then... there was this friend, leaving his den.

(more about him n the next chapter)




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