R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


W e i n p r e s s e



Faller 130335 



33.1 ~ Unboxing

(Februari 18, 2023)





I was surprised that this box contained no less than two sets of the wine press.

The back does mention 58 parts, but omits the fact that it concerns two pieces.

In addition, Faller has already patinated one roof in advance.


Anyway, I can certainly use both on the CB. Of course one will be on the Mittelaltermarkt, and perhaps the other will be at the Hallenhaus to come (Faller Neuheit 2023).


The latter is intended for a module, which I want to place between CB and background,

in order to eliminate the two houses in the background photo - which greatly disturb the perspective in size and angle.

In addition, I think this North German Hallenhaus is a fitting homage to my Osterthun family from Northern Germany. 



33.2 ~ Painting

(Februari 18, 2023)




I touched up the ribbed edges at the filter, at the bottom of the tank, with wine red.

Despite my coating, the factory patinated roof (right mold) kept its shine.



33.3 ~ Construction

(Februari 19, 2023)









A propos...

Noch GmbH (Wangen, Germany) also provides a wine press, be it as a lasercut model



Noch 14370


Frits Osterthun 20.2.2023

Last update: 20.2.2023