R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


P u l v e r t u r m


Faller 130825 



32.1 ~ T h e  i d e a

(Februari 10, 2023)


As we have noticed in previous chapters, after releasing S c h l o s s  B r a n  as a whole,

Faller released several parts of this Castle in separate kits over the next years.



The main building turned into:


Historisches Stadthaus (F130821)



The Chapels Tower (left) turned into: Rapunzelturm (Faller 130822)



The Two Towers in the back of Schloss Bran first turned into...



 Bischofsturm (Faller 130822)


... followed in 2023 by: Großes Stadthaus (Faller 130647)


However, in 2022 Faller announced two new models that I found vry interesting as an extension of Schloss Cochem.

The first one was a 'copy' of the Schildmauer, be it without chimney and one floor less.

(Since the chimney as a whole comes with the Pulverturm, I can manage).



Announced in 2022, released in 2023 as: 


Altstadtmauer-Set Schildmauer (Faller  130691)


And last but not least, in 2022: the P u l v e r t u r m




Pulverturm | Faller 130825





32.2 ~ P u l v e r t u r m  | South Bound Extension of Schloss Cochem

(Februari 10, 2023)




On Februari 22, the Pulverturm arrived together with nine other kits.






Identical to Schloss Bran, the wall sections of the Pulverturm are also patinated. 




Seeing these parts brings back fond memories of my time working on Schloss Bran. 





Already at the announcement I got the idea that Faller used imitation interior. And yes, they did!

I consider making a suitable interior myself. The construction of the Pulverturm just asks for it.

A small homage to the corridors in Het Spookslot in De Efteling, which was demolished this year. 




The magig jar...






The wood color of the Schoss Bran tower was more orange. With the Pulverturm, however, I want to apply a different color concept.




So is the wood of the doors.

Instead of the familiar black with gunship green, I now opted for a deeper dark brown with a reddish glow and a hint of mid green...


... and a hint of sand yellow over the other doors. 



Stamped ground color for the floor



That really looks like the Rapunzelturm! But that's about to change 




I had to convince myself strongly to reverse the building process, at the risk of missing something.
To prevent color differences again - as happened with Bran on the seams of the three curved wall sections of the powder tower annex chapel -

I decided, after thorough study of the building plan, to first join all wall sections together with the base plate. gluing, only to then provide them with an even lasur coating.

Then windows and doors will be installed afterwards.

And yes, a new interior after my liking is in the offing, the plans are there...










What a pity that this beautiful end shows two seams. I decided - unlike Schloss Bran - to file away the seams.
That led me to open the Faller set 170517 with Abrasive pads.

I should have done that much sooner...perfect tools in different granulation.





Believe it or not, but I have now applied the ground layer with my fingers (and not with a paintbrush). Uhrig feeling, and a better adaptation to the wall structure. 



A touch of refractive green: with so much moisture, moss and mould, it is understandable that the stucco layer crumbles!





Being able to (still) improve yourself is a privilege.




And at this point (R), I had to improvise. First of all, window 25/15 is missing, used up on the tower.

In addition, Faller has only provided 2 windows 25/10, both already used in the tower.

But that was foreseen: that is why a Deko is proposed here with imitation window.

However, in photo (S) there does seem to be a 3D window.

Because I find the (residential) tower in sight more important than the wall (which will be at the back anyway) I used the window here.



For these heavy oak doors I did not want to fall back on the tried and tested black-green, but dark brown with reddish flaming.

After dry whitening, I still applied a layer of lasur that gave the intended effect.



I tamponed the floor with orange yellow paint, and I leave it that way. He is swept daily.



However, I have decided to prevent light from shining through as much as possible,

so... extra black inside, despite the existing light mask.



32.3 ~ T h e  I n t e r i o r

(March , 2023)




As noted earlier, I've known since the announcement that I definitely wouldn't use the paper mask with imitation interior that way.

That may be nice for some, but it detracts from the whole of the Pulverturm, let alone Schloss Cochem, as I envision it.

Hence...scratch building.
That took me all Saturday: developing, cutting and filing, fitting and measuring, painting and finishing, and finally applying. 


Basic material: wall plate (Faller 170861) 












From simple matches to ancient oak beams...







Lighting with 3 micro cable bulbs: one for the tower, one for the top floor... 


... and one around the corner for indirect light. 


Needless to say where I got my inspiration from! (17.3.2022, the final) 


With the Pulverturm in mind, Faller released a set of figures (151631) "In the castle".

I still have two left of the Preiser set with ten knights...



Subsequent treatment is required.




The two Faller knights enter the hallway. I am considering placing one Preiserlein knight above the large entrance against the wall.
But that could be overdone...





32.3 ~ T h e  R o o f


Particularly beautiful but architecturally complex parts, which Faller made, are these two roof parts of the Pulverturm. 

It takes patience and insight to position them correctly in combination with the tower.







Because the two roof parts do not connect closely, even if it is a few millimeters,

I still wanted to close them with planks. It would be a pity if rain leaked through...


While looking for parts, this roof decoration (leftover from Vollmer's Stuttgarter church) suddenly fell out of the jam jar.

I had already thought about decorating the roof point with an ornament. This one literally fell on the table... 



32.4 ~ T h e  R e a r w a l l

(March  7-8, 2023)




As with Schloss Bran, I decided to not use the prescribed plastic wall parts here either, but balsa wood.

Unlike Schloss Bran, the description does not give window glass this time.

Nevertheless, I 'glazed' the windows anyway. It's far too windy when the a southwester gale blows...









Although not finished yet, there is already plenty to admire.





Although four roof supports were devised for the Pulverturm, I still chose to make the stone buttress with the parts that were still present,

as with Bran, where so little of the beautiful interior can be seen. Because of the elevation in Bran, the pole here is too short. I will extend it to the ground with a stone pillar.


I also had one beautifully curved match, left over from the roof beams of the corridor in the interior.

I regretted not using it, which is why it now has a venerable place under the balcony. The left lattice part gives a seam, which I lateron concealed with a thin piece of balsa. 



Finally, the three chimneys were installed.




Finished... as good as.

The vulnerable cross on top of the spire will not be placed untill the Pulverturm is positioned on the Cochemer Bahn.



In the late evening I installed extra wooden planks on the right side to get more balance in the bottom edge.







Three supporting beams, such as at Schloss Bran, were missing from the Pulverturm.

Therefor, supports were manufactured from residual parts.

We don't want His Royal Highness to sink through the bottom, do we?






32.5 ~ T h e  B r a n  W a l l

(March  3-22, 2023)


On March 3, I received extra ordered parts from the former castle Bran through Faller Kundenservice, as well as 5 extra bases for the guns of the Wehrgang.
Already at the announcement of the Pulverturm - when seeing the floating door - the idea came up to place an extra piece of wall here.

And which part fits better than the original wall part of Schloss Bran?

To close it off properly, I place the small tower at the end of the wall, which Faller will release in 2023.

Most fitting.










With Faller 180733 I made some roof parts that fit on the wall.

As the bill shows, further parts of Bran had been discontinued.
Anyway, a little scratch should be possible... 











32.6 ~ Pulverturm Square

(April 15-16, 2023)


On Friday April 14th, Eisenbahn Kurier Verlag Freiburg send me 5 new books.

To protect the books against damage during transport, the box also contained five sturdy cardboard plates in addition to newspapers and foam.

They come at the right time. I'm just reflecting on the square in front of the Pulverturm. They have enough thickness and firmness.  




On Saturday I started cutting some tiles.  



Sunday afternoon was an excellent time to continue cutting and coloring.  



Initially I wanted to keep the tiles beige, but because the midfield has the same color they disappear in the whole.

That's why I chose Brabant red, like with old farms.



The hole in the cardboard was necessary, because the base plate that was originally fitted was glued so firmly that I could no longer cut it away.

The edges of the cardboard were sanded down so that the bottom plate fits exactly in the seams of the Pulverturm.






And now it's waiting for...


Faller 130826


By the way, I emailed Faller asking if transitions were also included with this turret.
On March 20, I received an affirmative answer: "Dem Artikel werden zwei solche Übergänge beiliegen."



Post Scriptum


I admit that while constructing the Pulverturm and it's interior,

in the back of my mind there was but one building in the whole wide world which is my greatest inspiration:

The Haunted Castle (Het Spookslot) in De Efteling.


In November 1982, when the Efteling was closed during winter,

I had the privilege to visit the Spookslot (build 1978) both inside and outside, from basement to rooftop, even all the way up the tower.

(Unthinkable with the current management culture).





Transferred inspiration... 




Only months before its final demolition and my last visit after 44 years (March 2022)








The story continues in Chapter 41: Pulverturm Insel




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