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Fachwerkturm | WestTor

(Faller 130406)





29.1 ~ The same, but yet different

(January 7, 2023)




Next to the agricultural building with accessories (Faller 191779), the second model kit was that of a tower (Faller 130406). 

As you may have noticed earlier in this Journal (cf. Chapter 13), a nearly copy of this tower stands next to the Lindau Town Hall.




Although, not quite the same. The latter belonged to this Old Town Wall Set...


Faller 130401


However, this new tower came out separately and, instead of a tower with a pointed spire, has an extra floor in half-timbered style.





29.2 ~ Unboxing, painting and constructing

(January 7-15, 2023)


"Why another tower, and why this one in particular?"
Because ever since the vineyard was built, I had the idea that there should be some kind of connection

between the old city wall next to the vineyard and the large castle square of Schloss Cochem.



 I found the right size in this kit, especially since shape and color most perfectly match the recently made half-timbered house (130266), as described in Chapter 27.

Well, let's get started.





 Although Faller handles its materials extremely carefully, including an extra cardboard insert with every kit - the window film in my box was unfortunately dented.

However, Faller is not too frugal, so there was enough material to provide all windows with plenty of glass.



Always the moment of surprise: "What's under the lid and how is everything arranged?"





In the meantime, y'all know the process by now. No further comment needed.

Or... just read some of the former chapters.




The large wall, part of Faller 130401, becomes part of Schloss Cochem and forms the closure of the Mittelaltermarkt on the west side.

This door had been ready to be placed in it for months. Not supposed to, but fits just right.





"And let there be light!"











Since I have some mesh left over from Tamiya tanks, I think it's appropriate to close the holes in the tower with it.

I am absolutely animal friendly, but sometimes it is necessary to keep the bats out. 






The turret looked quite familiar to me.



It wasn't until I assembled it that I discovered that it was a faithful copy of the turret that is on top of the roof of the nearby station building for decades.



The latter belonged to the Pola city gate (Pola 130), which Faller will release again in 2023 as Monatsmodell Mai (191789).



Faller 191789 (info received two days before offical publication on 27.1.2023)


Because Faller once took over the Pola company, it is obvious that this copy originated from the same mould. 


Because the cast cross (left) could not be straightened, I cut it off and replaced it with a pinnacle from the 14-piece Faller set.

Shows just a little nicer!


 Just to please the eye...


Finally, the shutters were installed.



I think the color combination is extremely well done. Calm, and yet with that one touch...




And then it was time to put the tower in place. 

What I did not expect was the fact that not only the tower itself, but also the headroom of the gate turned out to be too large for my taste.
I could easily solve both 'problems' by lowering the entire tower into the ground. I preferred this to sawing off the lower wall sections of the tower.





Unfortunately, completely unforeseen, the model fell during these works and the cross broke off.
Fortunately, the Faller set has doubles, so replacement was within reach. 



All's well that ends well! 






On Saturday, January 21, I placed the Weinturm in the rear end. It falls back against the Fachwerk West Gate, which today got its bell tower back.






The skyline has changed again with an additional tower.

"Little Rothenburg..."



29.3 ~ What's left...

(July 19, 2023)


Although the tower was already in place, I still had to fill the gaps at the base.

Finished today...









Frits Osterthun 21.1.2023

Last update: 24.7.2023