R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l  28


Landwirtschaftliches Gebäude mit Zubehör

(Faller 191779)




Q4/ 2 0 2 2 & Q1/2023



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Chapter 29 ~ Fachwerkturm

Chapter 30 ~ Vineyard Watchtower

Chapter 31 ~ Animals in the Forest



Faller  191779




Chapter 28.1 ~ Postal delivery

Wednesday, December 21, 2022



Today a huge parcel arrived by DHL, containg a.o. an agricultural building with accessories.

The building itself is meant as addition to the Fachwerkhaus in the far left hand corner of the Cochemer Bahn.

The accessories are very suitable for the Mittelaltermarket near Schloss Cochem.






Chapter 28.2 ~ Unboxing and painting

Wednesday, December 21 (2022)




Since Vallejo is also traded by Faller, I finally ordered this Paint Stand. About time...

Old and new bottles are now neatly arranged, waiting for the next kit. 









Chapter 28.3 ~ The Horse Pump

Friday, December 23 (2022)


This kit has all kinds of attributes as an addition.
But I no longer need a crucifix. Hence the idea to make a water pump to water horses.

From the set of tower points ('Turmspitzen', Faller 180854) and the remaining horse head of my three-legged Artitec horse,

the following miniature was created, suitable for the Mittelaltermarkt at Schloss Cochem.










Chapter 28.4 ~ More painting and weathering...

Saturday, December 24 (2022)







And finally some dry white brushing to top it off.







Chapter 28.5 ~ Construction

Christmas day, December 25 (2022)











Although I wanted to keep the lighting to a minimum,

I couldn't resist the temptation to install an extra outdoor lamp and thus provide the courtyard with some extra lighting.




Chapter 28.6 ~ Relocation of the residential house

December 30 (2022) 



Since both buildings will be too close together, I am forced to move the house to the back.

This meant that I also had to adjust the environment and remove most of the terrain.

Now wood glue, as strong as it is, dissolves in water again, so the house remained undamaged.






Chapter 28.7 ~ Adaptations

December 30 (2022) 


As expected from Faller, certain kits are released in parts.

The item 191779 for the Cochemer Bahn is essentially part of both a farmhouse (Faller 130370 viz. 191743) and a seasonal vine tavern (Faller 191715).


Faller 191743 


Faller 191715


For that reason, this kit contained several parts that are not used, but that I could use, such as wooden slats for half-timbering.

In this way, the bare walls could be somewhat embellished.



Since this section has a flat wall and the bargeboards are missing, I made them with balsa.  






An additional door was made of balsa wood.




And this is how it looks after completion...







Chapter 28.8 ~ Application to the module

December 31 (2022) 








Initially I wanted to try to damage as little of the terrain as possible.

But given the irregularities and color differences, I still decided to remove the entire inner area down to the base plate with a chisel.





Chapter 28.9 ~ New Courtyard

Januari 1, 2023













Chapter 28.10 ~ Attributes

Januari 3, 2023



With small pieces soft tissue a made a new pair of trousers...


...while the pleats of the original pants have been filed away. The door will be put in position later...




Faller specially sent me a missing doghouse for the half-timbered house (130226), which is positioned at the side of the house,

inhabited by the Dachshund. This larger version however was included with this model (191770), meant for Max.


Because I won't be using the woodwork from this kit anyway, I can use it to make two tables for the MIttelaltermarkt.



These wine barrels will be found back at the market square lateron.



I knew these parts somehow have to do with cheese making or butchery.

However, the manual of this particular kit says nothing about them, so they are obviously meant for another kit (which turned out to be Faller 180 449).

Therefor, I asked Faller Kundenservice for an explanation and at the same time wrote an email to several cheese farms and museums.


Without any doubt, just lovely gadgets to use at the Mittelaltermarkt to come.













The museums couldn't help me any further on the cheese making attribues.

However, on Monday January 9, 2023 I received an email from Faller regarding my request for further information.

It was all I needed to know regarding the specific parts, as well as the additional manual to assemble the other parts.

I'm not generous with praise, but Faller takes their Kundernservice very seriously.  



Sehr geehrter Herr Osterthun,

Die Zubehörteile sollen folgendes darstellen:

1A:         Käsetisch

1B:         Schlachttisch / Schlachtschragen (Metzger)

1C:         Schnitzbank / Ziehbank

1D:         Hobelbank (Schreinertisch)

1E:          Butterfaß

1F:          Könnte ein Käsekessel mit einer Käseharfe sein

Zu den Teilen 4/22 bis 4/26. Siehe Anleitung Artikel 180449 auf Seite 2 (B).

Wir hoffen die Informationen helfen Ihnen weiter, bei Fragen stehen wir gerne zur Verfügung.





Chapter 28.11 ~ Vegetation: foliage, lavender and hydrangea

Januari 4, 2023 



In addition to the many boxes of Noch that I use so far, I now also have two variants of Faller.

However, this material is tougher to tear and carries less green to the fibers. 



In any case, the lavender is very successful. I did update the too much green later with brown,

because lavender usually has a woody inner structure compared to the green twigs that carry the soft purple flowers. 





Just this one spot I had in mind for a strip of lavender...



When decorating, I went through various boxes and found several gadgets that certainly fit this winery.
Remarkably, this old Kibri signboard bore the inscription: 'Weinkastell'. That was the deciding factor.

A nice decoration for the fairly bare wall, although the half-timbering and the shrubs makes it look nice and cozy.


Especially the child in typical early 1900s clothing, wearing an apron and this bow in her hair, how lovely and most fitting!



Behind the wall is the third wheel with a broken spoke, which once belonged to the Artitec beer wagon, which is now in the yard!

These are the details that dot the i's and cross the t's.






Chapter 28.12 ~ Even at the back

Januari 4, 2023 


In addition to the lavender bushes mentioned above, the hydrangeas are also a beautiful creation by Faller. 










Chapter 28.13 ~ Preparations at the Cochemer Bahn

Januari 5, 2023 


This morning I started to provide the old city wall - which originally marked the edge of the vineyard and the end of the model railway -

with an engraved stone structure on the outside. With the extension of this module, it is imperative.














I know, part of it will soon disappear underground behind the wine cellar.

Which reminds me of the Western Wall of the Old City in Jerusalem, which is also two-thirds underground.



Since I got this small set with forest animals, I was thinking about the quick brown fox,

not "jumping over the lazy dog", but the one 'who spoils the vineyard'.

I think to put him on top of the city wall, after the Song of Solomon 2, 15"

"Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards..."




Chapter 28.14 ~ Finally...

Januari 5, 2023 

With some final painting I call it a day and I can declare this module 'ready'.




The German Shepherd Max has changed owners and has been transferred from the station to the wine farm, guarding the entrance.









Chapter 28.1 ~ Outdoors...

Januari 6, 2023 


On request of Leo Cheung I made some pictures outdoors. 


















On January 12, 2023, the illumination was finished. 



A little Monet-ish...



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