R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


Auhagen Stadttor





25.1 ~ Another tower in town?!

(July 22, 2022 )


Since there are no more towers and gates on offer for the H0 scale, I finally focused on this goal of Auhagen.

I had my strong reserves, not only because it is an unknown and expensive brand to me,

but also because the building is classified for both the H0 and TT scale.




The molds of this building set are from the old DDR brand Vero. Auhagen has taken over all of Vero's molds.

In those days the Vero model cost DM 8,90. For me the very same Auhagen version took me 29,90.


July 22nd, a parcel was delivered with both Stadtturm (Auhagen 12 342) and the extra wall needed (Faller 130404).

Both were painted and built simultaneously.



25.2 ~ Painting and weathering

(July 30-31, 2022 )




For the dull gray wall decoration - a kind of soldier or knight - I used a mix of green, copper and wood grain.



The fixed formula is used consistently and persistently: after the base color follows lasur and dry whitening.



For the stone work I chose some dark old English red this time, also knwon as carmine red. 


Downright boring, not...?!




25.3 ~ Putting the thing together

(August 1, 2022)




Downright retro




After some hesitation, I installed a light. You never know...


Although it is a fairly simple kit, the color scheme and aging should do the trick. As usual... 



Arriving at this stage, I had a bright idea. Or actually it was just a coincidence...



Do you remember the Martinstor's halfway house from Chapter 24?

This part was useless in the cupboard, because it does not fit in any part of the Cochemer Bahn.

Until I briefly put it next to it and... lightning struck.

It fits great, both in shape and color scheme.




This is where I thought I would put it. The poles have now also been installed.



However, I found the wall very thin. because at the Martinstor this house is placed against a different facade.

That's why I opted for a small reinforcement. Remnants of a wall or a house? Who's to say?





Finally, some greenery on the street and against the wall, and I call it... FINISHED!





Towers and turrets everywhere.

How Rothenburg-ish...


In addition, I bought he extension Faller 130404, which was constructed from July 29th until August 3, 2022.













My hunch was confirmed last week, when I read that the wall parts of Faller 130400-130404 were indeed inspired by the walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

How funny it is... and how fitting.







Because the wall on the side allows light to pass through,

and I don't want to mess up the exterior paintwork or see the chance to cover the light spot with vegetation - which will never work -

I got the idea to just attach some wooden planks to the wall.

This immediately gives a completely different cachet. 



Neatly finished now, with a touch of dry white.





Because I was constantly hanging with my face above the market place, for safety reasons I removed the tower with the sharp point to prevent accidental eye damage.

Today (9.1.2024), after many months, the turret was finally replaced and fixed with glue.







Frits Osterthun 9.1.2023

Last update: 17.1.2024