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Berliner Brandenburger Tor  ~  am  Abend des 5. August 2019



Latest News:



My lateste video - Das liebe Bay'rische Landleben - was released one day ago. Thanks to my subscribers it was viewed 100 times within the hour and over 250 within a day.

Today I will continue some shooting with more Bavarian materials like D XII and S 2/6 and make an extended version of this movie.


Video Shot



This year's last visit at my dealer's. A small photoshoot next to some purchasing of trees, vegatation and the Class 78.10...





Märklin 39781


Märklin 39243


Pola 142 (Szenorama) ~ Class 64 at the scrap yard...


Brawa 48667




Roco 63299




To inform friends of the Cochemer Bahn directly of recent activities, I started a FaceBook page.

Welcome to visit and comment...




Mr. Jörg Vallen, OC of Busch GmbH, was most kind to bring my webpage of 'the making of' the Forsthaus to the Busch Facebook Page.

Over 500 views in 8 days... wow!



Forsthaus (Busch 1675)



Downstream is also coming into shape...



See more in the Journal, chapter 22



IMHO, the most difficult thing to create in scale is... WATER.  Nevertheless even after some 25 years I feel most obliged to no longer hesitate, so...  



See more in the Journal, chapter 22



On special request, I made a Film for YouTube of the 'Hochhaxige' S 3/6. Nr. 3624, running on the Cochemer Bahn.


Märklin 39436 



The DB Neubaulokomotive Class 65 was spotted at the Cochemer Endbahnhof...


Märklin 39650



Stop at my dealers to fix my S 3/6 Hochhaxig (Märklin 39436), which at first sight wouldn't cope with my ECoS.

But Rob was all too kind to helping me out with it!


Märklin 39436


In between I shot two newly released models  my Canon...



Märklin 36867


Märklin 39882




Märklin's Hochhaxige S 3/6 Nr. 3624 arrived at the shop.




Five adjacent days working on a.o. new trees (Noch, cutting, refining)... 


... for creating the forest behind the Forsthaus (forest lodge)... 


  ... and - oh wonder! - finally creating a wooden bridge in the forest! All out of the blue...


The whole story can be read at: Journal ~ Part 2



This morning I gave my Baureihe 65 (39650) a complete 'face' by adding a Philotrain imitation coupler and applying the other spare parts...



Odd enough I found out, that 2 screws seems to be missing in the middle:



In the afternoon, I continued the renovation. Now the meadow  and Forsthaus surroundings were at stake!

Have a look in the Journal ~ Chapter 19: the Forsthaus Meadow.




My latest video on YouTube has received substantial hits in less than a few days...

It was meant for friends of the Cochemer Bahn, to see the progress of the 2019 Renovation in a more lively way. Thanks for sharing!

More to come...




The Renovation continues. Heading for the Hinterland. A matter of p e r s p e c t i v e now, more than ever!

Read more in the Journal ~ Part 2.




Some greenery applied at the back of the S t a t i o n ... and the F o r s t h a u s finally positioned and 'wired'.







Even if the parcel was delivered on June 24th, today, the last day of Summer 2019, my friend helped me fixing the LED-strips into the train cabinet!

I'm pretty fond of it!




After the Summer, I continued the renovation of the Cochemer Bahn. You can read more about it in the Journal ~ Part 2




Ever since, the Borsig Werke in Berlin were on my bucket list to paying a visit.


Borsig Tor around 1920



Borsig Tor  today (9.8.2019)



Borsig Turm in 1922 and 2019 (August 9th)



While visiting Berlin, I was in Potsdam where there's this genuine trainshop Modellbahhnen Potsdam (Jägerstraße 20), run by Herr Mario Kott.

I've never ever met such a kind and humorful person who really enjoyed both his work, his hobby and most of all: his visitors.  

Hut ab, Herr Kott!


I took this picture in Herr Kott's shop with my S8 as a reminder of the fact that his shop only runs DC models,

since DDR-regime made it impossibgle to import AC models (aka Märklin) in Potsdam (left Western Berlin).




Today I finished the Forester's Lodge (Busch 1675). You can read the story of "The making of" at Forsthaus !




A small stop at my dealers to pick up 2 boxes of Seemoos... but Saturday Sander sent me a text with the message that two models of the Bavarian Pt 2/3 Nr. 6068 (Roco 79053, former Fleischmann H0) had been delivered at the store. Ron sincerely persuaded me to buy it for my collection and for the Cochemer Bahn in such a convincing carpe-diem-ish way, that I did purchase it. During research on the Internet, the message came to me, that this particular AC-model (79053) has been sold out!

Looks pretty much the same as Brawa's "Champage" car (49775) and last year's Bavarian Kesselwagen (Fleischmann 543715) which was also sold out before its release.




At my dealers, taken with my cellphone



For the third time in the past months I did some serious shopping at my dealer's, considering many materials needed for the Cochemer Bahn which is currently undergoing a major renovation.

First, I am in need of a large amount of 'green leaves' (Noch 07154) to make trees together with Seemoos (Noch 23100, Naturbäume). To me, this combination is the real thing! Second, Sander had done some homework and was able to hand me over a Trix Profi wagon (Trix 24086, LE 2009) which was still lacking in my collection.

On the spot I purchased two Märklina axles as well for this model.



Trix 24086 with Märklin wheelset


Furthermore, the Brawa Era 1 van "Champagne Mercier" from Elsaß-Lothringen (Brawa 49775) had arrived. It's a very - very! - limited edition with (pretty rare!) printing on all four sides. Only two copies (one for me, one for him) were delivered at the shop. On the spot Sander told me that they were already sold out even before they were released. They are nowhere to be found, not even on eBay. Lucky us.




Brawa 49775


Rob L. helped me out with an ECoS training this morning, whereas in the afternoon Sander brought back sound into my Märklin 3514 LokPilot.

As a rookie on ESU terrain I unfortunately had "copied sound" (which is impossible!) instead of copying configurations.

In other words, I hade overwritten my sound files with... silence! Now, all's fit and fine again.

Finally I treated myself with a second model kit - a Forester's Lodge (Busch 1675) - which will replace the Faller "Cuckoo Clock" just behind the station.

I considered this lodge a very suitable building in front of the forest to come. The making of is presented right here.



Busch 1675 Forsthaus



Two more days of labour...

Finishing the platform, adding some wood to an old bridge and new terrain was being covered with fresh soil, grass and trees!

See chapter 10 of the Journal how it was made.







A new and handmade p l a t f o r m was added at the Endstation.

Have a look at chapter 9 of the Journal and see how it was made.




If he was still with us my dad would have turned 90 today. However, he passed away 13 years ago.

Anyway, on this memorable day, I was invited at Sander's for a "one-model-photoshoot" of his Fotolook Glaskasten (Märklin 36868) which he purchased two days earlier.

In the mean time he turned my analoge black Württemberg C with Nr. 2004 (Märklin 3514) into a full Digital model with ESU LokSound, whereas some two weeks ago he did the same to my blueish-grey 2007 (Märklin 3311).


Märklin 36868





Märklin 3311 and 3514 both wit ESU LokSound 5 (58449)


Märklin 3311



Second large purschase for CB, a.o. for a spot right in the back of the town, this dilapidated house (Busch 1667)



Busch 1667



Today I had a very interesting photoshoot at Locomotion (Gasteren), where I met a dealer who is going to quit business. Many old and some very rare models...



Brawa 43022



Gützold 30100



Gützold 37100



Piko 6333/012 (extremly ret.)







Fleischmann 4882 ~ Bummelzug nach Bitterfeld (LE 1985)



Fleischmann 481001



Fleischmann 416801



Roco 43249



Roco 04115A



Gützold 32400


Gützold 32004



Fleischmann 4082



Liliput 109108



Tillig 76202



Roco 66229



Roco 44807 (A15 Würrtemberg)



Roco 44810 (Prinz Regentwagen Luitpold)



Piko 54225 (parts not attatched)



Piko 54203



Piko 54011



Piko 53154



Piko 53157






Fleischmann 581008



Fleischmann 538281


Another photoshoot at my dealers with some gems...


Märklin 34989


Roco 43738



Roco 73830



Roco 73832



Artitec 24.372.01



Liliput 7804


16-17 april 2019

I started to take care of the Middle Hill. Pictures and explanatory text can be found at the Renovation Journal, Chapter 9



11-12 april 2019

I continued painting the walls and towers of Cochem Town in "Alsace style"...

Read more in the Renovation Journal




This Saturday I was at my dealer's for some big - then again, I mean: r e a l l y  b i g ! - shopping due to my Cochemer Bahn Renovation plans.

Two boxes of 'Seemoos', vegeatation and a box with fir trees from Noch (24350), balsa wood for making a bridge construction, water materials for a pond and waterfall,

wall profiles, Roco line 900 mm track for the new "Rheinstrecke"-show case, and... and... and...




Then, the 2nd Märklin Insider locomotive, BR 65 012, was at hand for me to purchase.


Märklin 39650


Finally... after many years of consideration... I decided to get rid of my old Märklin stuff and change it for the ESU control ECoS 50210:



ESU 50210


Besides my shopping (with great help of Sander!), my Märklin 3311 is going to be digitalized by Sander with sound and white LED's.



And last not least, in between I did a photoshoot. More pictures will be added both here and ad loci...


Fleischmann 481873


Märklin 26609


Fleischmann 412401


Märklin 29527


M 29857


Märklin 36249


Märklin 39058


Märklin 39208


Märklin 39880


Märklin 37872


Roco 72147



In stead of all kinds of separate pages with various items, I decided to tell (the rest of) the Story of the Renovation of my Cochemer Bahn in one single file:  


T h e  R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l




Although it isn't in my line at all to order via eBay or occasions, I couldn't resist ordering these three gems.

The Fleischmann cars 5842 and 5843 were 1987 limited editions.



Fleischmann 5842 


Fleischmann 5843 


Under the brand name 'Prefo' a fine Württemberg beer van 600 203 "Hasenbrauerei Saulgau" was released by Brawa as Limited Edition in 2007.

Unfortunately the dealer - J. M. in Dr. - didn't mention the fact that the Prefo car had wheels with very high profile flanges (AC?); therefor I had to order new ones from Brawa.

These cars are a great asset to my Era 1 collection.


Prefo 30 003, Fleischmann 5843 and 5842


Prefo (Brawa) 30 003, now with original wheels 



Leisure time... continuing the renovation near the tunnel entrance. You can read it at the Down Hill story.




Today I started two major projects:

* First of all, I lifted the Cochemer Bahn from its original frame of 67 cm height to 118 cm. Now, every visitor can view the layout on eye level

* Then I started to make a new Show Case annex Diorama meant for my study room. It will be integrated into the bookcase. You can read the 'making of' in another chapter


Since today Cochemer Burg can be viewed on eye level.


P l a n n i n g  a  n e w  s h o w c a s e



Three days leisure time stirred my creativity... 


Read the story of Forest and Waldweide



Working in the Train Room today: removing old wallpaper, positioning trees, starting 'Waldweide' between Castle and Forest. All things filling this lovely, leisurely day.



The Cochemer Burg, now with spruce trees in the background and hand made fir trees in the front.


One tree can make a difference. Good! Better! Drooling...


At the left side, my first birch tree, not too bad I guess.

However, at the right side a new Seemoos tree! It certainly makes a difference.


And then there is a new chapter: Waldweide!




Not all's well that ends... errrr... not so well...

In 2009 I purchased the grey version of the T 5 (40183), one of the finest models Brawa ever made, with superb running capacities and awesome detail.



In 2015 or 2016 I took the model out of the show case to show others instead. But when I wanted to run the 1209 again last night, this is what came 'out of the box'... 




I sent it back to Brawa this afternoon, after a call with the Hotline, and Brawa didn't need much explanation. So, they're aware of the situation.

I'm pretty curious how they will solve this major issue! It will most certainly determine my final decision whether or not buying any locomotive of this brand ever again.



Since I want to make a proper make-over of some parts of the Cochemer Bahn - especially the 'forestall grounds', I treated myself with some NOCH products.

My first laser cut model (Jägerstand, Noch 14341), with two sachets of Forest Floor Scatter Grass (08350) and not in the least a real box of tree leaves ( 07154)

meant for my Seemoos trees. I'm pretty excited how it will work out.



Noch 07154, 14341 and 08350




More trees were made today. This afternoon I made the firm decision to position all Jacq Damen Trees NOT in the Black Forest behind the castle, but in FRONT of it!

They not only look but also fit better, since the castle grew pretty small with such large trees behind it. It's just a matter of perspective!

The Heki Spruce Trees will now be in their stead. In between, the 'Lorelei' tunnel got her final painting. After a yellow layer a few days ago, I gave it a white dry brush today.

Not yet after my liking (too white), but it'll do for the moment...





Two leisure days promise some good. I started with making some new trees. On the one hand I found a sachet with 12 Heki fir trees.

On the other, there is still this box with Seemoos which promises to change into the finest of trees.


To start with the latter, see the Story of Birch Trees.




The making of Spruce Trees out of Heki Steckfichte - which I produced simultaneously - you can read right here!




Although I'm not fond of purchasing per Internet, I couldn't resist the offer of the 2014 Trix Clubmodel. The axles were even changed for free into the precious Märklin Bavarian grey open V-spoked wheels!

Yet, my collection already contains an "Eberlbräu", but that 1998 model has a black chassis with yellow printing:


Märklin 43982 (E 1998)


Then there is the Eberlbräu from the 7-set (Märklin 45251), a 2010 limited edition.

Although this van has a white chassis yet, it also carries a different road number.

Unfortunately - and unlike the announcement and box printing - these models have Era 2 buffers, the so called Hülsenpuffer.

Märkin not even cared for painting the wheels Bavarian grey:


Märklin 45251-02 (E 2010)


But now - with white frame and Stangenpuffer - this 2014 version (Trix 24814) offers everything needed for Bayern Epoche 1 pur sang, as it should be!


Trix 24814 (E 2014)


After DHL delivered this model early this morning (within a day!), I rushed to my hobby room for a whole day's working on my layout, implementing Down Hill into the adjecent scenery. Spring is in the air...




Aio libero.

This day is calling for completion!

Please, continue reading the story of Down Hill...




Newly released Brawa cars from Era 1 were added to my collection...



Brawa 49722


Brawa 49742 ~ Erdal grüner Frosch


Brawa 49723 - Exclusive 2018


Brawa 48202


Brawa 45612 and 45611



How the most neglected part of my layout became a gem! Read the story of Down Hill.




I finally dared to make trees in the way Jacq Damen taught me! See the report of Pine Trees á la Jacq Damen!




Since my train room still needs to be painted and foreseen with new wall paper, and the cabinet has to be moved from the spot, I won't fill the showcase with my most precious models until the job's done. This Baden IVh however longs for company...


One of the first shots that I took with my new S8 (with only artificial light at the ceiling, no daylight involved)



For reasons of hesitation, last year, I failed ordering the Sächsische Güterwagen Gm 15 111 (Brawa 49724, new 2018). After its release, it was sold out all too soon.

Even my own dealer couldn't lay hands on it anymore, nor the bigger shops in Germany. Fortunately I was able to find one shop who still had one option. Done...


Brawa 49724 



Since I moved, I now have a separate room for maintenance of my rolling stock. Some models haven't run for over a decade of more, lying safely and comfy in their boxes!

Especially the analogue models and those with an older type of propulsion need to be looked after in order to avoid some kind of 'soaping'.

Instead of Wilesco Z83 (which is very viscous), I now use Ballistol Oil with a lower viscosity. Some models also need some adjusting of their switches.


Märklin 3100 on my workbench...




After some 12 years since I discussed a "go or no" (on John Oxlade's "Worldrailfan Forum") for an Elok-List which is similar to my ModelsList of steam locomotives,

I made a modest start with Class E 04. Just take a peek at my Elok-List!


For those who are still unfamiliar with the function of my List, let me help you out a bit (it's quite simple):

* Please put your cursor on Class 00 - 09 at the left top side of the page

* Then follow the drop-down-menu until you find E 04

* Move to the right and choose your favourite openings pages, like DRG E 04 or DB 104


Only the openings pages differ with an Era aligned picture.

The content of the list itself is similar and can be found by clicking on one of the crests on the left side of the page.


Märklin 2872



Working through some folders of the passed years with unused pictures that I took at my dealers since 2007, I found this gem. It took me some 40 minutes to doctor it because of many smudges caused by dust and dirt on the sensor of my old Canon camera then. Even if the moulds are over 30 years old now - the very first Württemberger C was released in 1988 during my visit at the first Märklin Seminar - this locomotive is still one of my favourites, even the more since after the 1988 models this one has again three (sic!) front lights in so called A front code. Alas, the C 2032 is still an omission in my collection...




One of the last photoshoots of recent purchases that I made at my uncle's, who in due time is going to sell his layout and will move to a smaller apartment:


Fleischmann 4087


Roco 43717


Fleischman 413875


Liliput 141723



Visiting a model shop in Groningen City, I saw this giant S 3/6 in the showcase. It seems to be a kit from the Spanish company OcCre


OcCre ~ OC54002






Also see the Agenda of previous years:


















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