~ Agenda 2008~





28.12.2008 ~ Pictures of all my Era 1 rolling stock is being renewed





Agenda of 2008



24.12.2008 ~ Pictures of Märklin 43985 in the Länderbahn~List or the Dealers list



19.12.2008 ~ A small review on the Märklin Museum Wagon 1988



13.12.2008 ~ New picture shoot at my dealers...




... and alas, a damaged Brawa Tn at my dealers as well




5.12.2008 ~ Traction samples added like bay. S 2/6, wrt. T 5, AD and Fc and pr. P 8


15.11.2008 ~ The Bavarian S 2/6 (Brawa 40257) rolled in....




11.11.2008 ~ Retuning and adding many pictures of the Altbau Eloks




17.10.2008 ~ Some very fine upgrading of static photo's like the Württ. C




23.10.2008 ~ Märklin 3311 and 3611 ~  guest models on the Cochemer Bahn with either 3 and 2 lanterns




17.10.2008 ~ Statistics of this site


4.10.2008 ~ A magnificent model of the Baden IV h rolled in... also see Einsatz




15.9.2008 ~ And this new delivery, like Austrian Class 64 Märklin 39641




6.9.2008 ~ Another (small) photo shooting at my dealers. To start with Roco' s BB II.




4.9.2008 ~ We continue to enlarge the special site with many era 1 pictures of the dealers models, which I took on July 1th.. Next Saturday (9/8) I will again shoot what's left and what's new!




23.8.2008 ~ After receiving a laudation email about my website (in particular concerning the layout) from Stefan Alkofer, editor at the ModellEisenBahner Magazin,

I uploaded many pictures on the Cochemer Bahn Gallery, that were originally of a low resolution. For instance at Nature and Oldies.


30.7.2008 ~ Finishing Picture Book of Altbau Eloks




26.7.2008 ~ Modification of Steamers





Pictures of dealer in one overview (now working!)




Shooting 200 pieces of Era 1 Collection at my dealers shop...

In due time they will be added to the Picture Book and ad loci




New pictures op the King Ludwig Zug




I finished the Picture Book with Baureihe 98.




I started a Picture Book of my own static pictures.



Today, Jürgen Dingler sent me pictures of the Wrt. T 5 in Era 1 livery





Third Photo Shoot at Gisbert's (Static 2)




Behind many catalogues of Märklin News, there are Easter eggs like...




Since the ModelsList of Eloks will take a long time, here's a preview of  Märklin Altbau Eloks





I finished adding pictures to the summary (Static 1)






Hood of Märklin S 3/6... a small report can be found here






Many pictures were taken today from Gisberts German Collection, a.o. DB 66 002 from Lenz.


See summary ~ click here





New 2008 Micro Metakit added, among others the Bay. E ! ~ Bauart Sondermann.




Chris Manvell has covered Z-Scale now. With his courtesy I'm allowed to add his fine pictures to my database.






Addition of Prussian P 6 / BR 37.0-1 from Westmodel





Addition of DR Baureihe 83.10 by Crottendorf in the ModelsList





I finished my Catalogue's List with Tillig and Trix



Introduction of Roco in the Catalogue's List



Introduction of Catalogues: Rai-Mo and Rivarossi



Introduction of Piko Catalogues in the Catalogue's List



Introduction of Minitrix Catalogues in the Catalogue's List



Introduction of Märklin Information in the Catalogue's List



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