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Extension 4: Fachwerkhaus


The Final Extension in the Northwest





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Chapter 30 ~ Vineyard Watchtower

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Chapter 27.1 ~ Postal delivery

Tuesday, March 22, 2022



On Tuesday I received the Fachwerkhouse (Fallwere 130266), a cosy kit for a rainy day.

 This house - at the moment the most cozy house that Faller offers - is intended to fill in the corner at the back left, west of the vineyard.

This will be the fourth and (for the moment) also the last extension of the ground surface of the Cochemer Bahn.




Chapter 27.2 ~ Primer

Friday, September 14 (2022)



After finsihing the Mittelaltermarkt - and waiting for the cobblestone square which Jimmy Low is going to make for me

 I started working on this final model kit.



When unpacking the castings, it turned out that Faller had already provided all parts with an aging coating.

A technique that I also encountered at Schloss Bran.

However sympathetic as it is to those who are not skilled in the aging technique,

I have painted over all parts (even the colored chimney) in the tried-and-tested way that matches the house style of the Cochemer Bahn.




1. Wood: black/green (own mixture)

2. Stucci down (same primer from Schloss Bran to match): grey (own mixture)

3. Stucco Fachwerk: Ivory (Vallejo)

4. Rooftiles: amaranth red (Vallejo)

5. Windows (as cast iron): gloss black (Vallejo)

6. Framing stone structure: beige (own mixture form Jt. Johann)

7. Chimney: ornage brown (own mixture)

8. Hatches: the only parts in their frolic basic blue colour, however weathered afterwards

9. Weathering: Heki Dur Lasur

10. Dry White Brush: Creall Top Deco Sandtone (Nr. 83)




Chapter 27.3 ~ Lasur Coating

Saturday, September 15 (2022)



Lasur coating on all parts, except the ivory










The final step is the dry white brushing






Chapter 27.4 ~ Construction

Saturday, September 16-23 (2022)






As noted many times before, turning plastic into stone is always a thrill. 



Sneak peek...



The modern (metal) roofs for both shed and balcony did not appeal to me at all.

That is why I opted for roof tiles, where I could use the last remnants of the Busch Forsthaus. 





On September 20, the mail delivered a package from Faller with the doghouse.

According to the imprint, this part belongs to this half-timbered house, but is missing from the series edition.

Again, another excellent service from Faller. 













And now with a roof...













Chapter 27.5 ~ The Foundation

September 28















Chapter 27.6 ~ Working on Walls

September 30 








Continuing in October 







Equalizing the entrance to the environment while forming a ramp




Two lanterns will be placed on the wall at the entrance. First positioning the hoods, lateron the bulbs...





First impression. I wonder how a gate tower would have looked like in front of that firm townwall in the rear...



Chapter 27.7 ~ Priming, Grounding, Wiring

October 3rd










Hand carved styrofoam...





And then there was still a spare staircase, left over from Schloss Bran...  






The lantern had a small tiled roof. A reduced echo of the gabled roof above...






Chapter 27.8 ~ Dirt around...

October 11


Sand from the dunes, where once my parents lived... (some nostalgia indeed)












Chapter 27.9 ~ More vines...

October 13



This morning I decided to extend the existing vineyard next to the monastery to the west, despite the presence of a city wall in between.

The more so because I found leftover vines.

In terms of color and shape, this module integrates better with the whole of the Cochemer Bahn in general,

and with the vineyard already present in particular.










I have kept this statue for thirty or more years.

It belonged to the Vollmer town hall that my brother once made for my father's model railroad.

(Where that building is now, John Doe may know).



For years this statue with other items was in the cart next to the station of the Cochemer Bahn.

It is now given a place of honor as a 'house saint' above the entrance of the Half-timbered House.

(Looking at this lovely picture, thoughts occur my mind to wheter or not it might fit at the Square near Schloß Cochem...)













Chapter 27.10 ~ Summer Vines and a Backyard Wall

October 14-16



Since Thomas Blencke was going to make a handmade shed for me, I passed on the measurements to him, as requested.

Alas, last year he declined for one reason or another... well, then I'll think of something else. A nice tree or so...



Meanwhile, the trees of Noch hung on the clothesline to dry. Because they were quite flattened in the box,

I left them overnight in a bucket of water to give them back somewhat their original 3D shape...



On the left hill next to the half-timbered house there is a piece of grassland, which I want to fill in with trees and shrubs.

I thought for a while to also make a solid wall on the edge as a partition, but then it becomes a repetition of the vineyard. Not.




What bothered me was that the remains of the vines looked rather thin.

With Heki flakes I have provided the rather autumn-like yellow tendrils with fresh summer leaves.


Now, that's more like it.



Finally, I had the impression that a partition at the back was in order. Provided that it would get too wally. 




With an extra coat of paint (dry white) 



So far, so good! 



Chapter 27.11 ~ Autumn holydays: adding vegetation

October 17 vv












Adding birch trees to the compound... 





Thanksgiving (NL)... good for some new shots











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