R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


A b o u t  a  F o x  a n d  o t h e r  F o r e s t a l  A n i m a l s


(Animals in the Forest | Tiere im Wald | Faller 151915)





31.1 ~ T h e  i d e a

(January 21, 2023)


Ever since Faller's set of forest animals with the orange-red fox caught my eye,

I knew I'd run this little bugger on the Old City Wall.






Besides a fox, the set contains a (lone) wolf, a lynx, two raccoons, a badger and two hares.

With the exception of the raccoons, all animals were given a suitable place somewhere in the nature of the Cochemer Bahn.



Little bugger...


With these animals I immediately tackled the other Faller set with medieval figures.

The latter are intended as extras on the Mittelaltermarkt and decoration at Schloss Cochem.







I stick to only a thin lasur coating for both sets. No white brush this time...




31.2 ~ The quick brown Fox...



Exactly the view I had in mind. 








31.3 ~ Fenris Ulf, a lone Wolf


Lone Wolf ~ he didn't want to join the gray pack.






31.4 ~ Badger at the Doorstep






31.5 ~ Lynx at Dusk







31.6 ~ Racoons at the Forsthaus





31.7 ~ Bright Eyes





"Hazel and Fiver..."



With this acquisition it will be pretty lively, so the other animals in the Cochemer Forest will have to mark their territory once again.






Now, let's wrap up with that dude, who started this chapter...!



"Catch the foxes for us,

the little foxes that spoil the vineyards,

for our vineyards are in blossom.

(Shir Hashirim 2,15)


Frits Osterthun 26.1.2023

Last update: 10.2.2023