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~ Stift Cochem Finished ~


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Chapter 30 ~ Vineyard Watchtower

Chapter 31 ~ Animals in the Forest





Chapter 16.1 ~ The last hurdle

December 30th 2021



On Thursday December 30th, the one but last day of 2021, I finished the vegetation of my Stift Cochem Module.

Celebrating New Year's Eve with friends, New Year's Day was the moment that the module was connected to the Cochemer Bahn.


It all started like this, eleven months ago...



Bebenhausen Kloster... Sold Out!

Therefor in stead:












The following pictures will tell their own tale









The people in the vineyard will not come until tomorrow...








Chapter 16.2 ~ Wiring Connection

January 2nd 2022





What can I say...?








Chapter 16.3 ~ Adjustments


Last night I discovered there was a light leak in the corner.

The joint had been pushed out slightly due to the tension of the roof.

The hole was closed with a profile of this same construction kit.

I have also placed a partition in the spire - in both lanterns - in front of each lamp, so that you can now see the light, but no longer see the lamp.




That same tension had also caused the roof ridge to rise.

In order not to get glue traces or to damage something, I again chose to repair this with wood.

The space in between was filled on both sides with wooden planks.




Now let's enjoy some more shots of the whole compound





The skyline has changed significantly.




Chapter 16.4 ~ Lovely People


New residents have recently populated the city and surroundings


By painting quite a few figures - and partly because of the expansion and renovation of the Cochemer Bahn - I also want to 'see new faces'.

Preiser figures that I bought "white" decades ago to be painted by me are finally getting a place.

In addition, each figure should not just fill the page, but should be functional and "in scene":



~ From here and back again ~



~ Mr. and Mrs.  Bürgermeister on the platform ~



~ Salesman of Fresh Fish ~



"The dog and his boy"



~ Lady in a hurry ~



~ Two boys and a poodle ~




~  I come, graymalkin! ~



~ A nun, not anon! ~





~ Workers in the vineyard ~



~ Perdidit in alta cogitatione ~




~ Lost in thought ~




~ Fresh Beer... what else! ~



Needless to say, the mayor employs a gardener...


... as well as a maid.



While two 'Stiftsdamen' are on their way to do their shopping, others are in contemplative consultation.






A monk walks by, while music from the Cochemer Brassband is heard from the cloister hall





At the fish market, with both feet firm on the ground...



... or high above the earthly noise, like this chimney sweep, quite as firm, watching at...



... to fair ladies passing by, somewhat curious about the mayor's new car



Two teachers are standing on the platform, waiting for the next train to Munich, where they will return to lecture the next day.



But this couple fully enjoys a day off in nature.












~ Little Red Riding ... Boar 




Ending the day, with light at night




Chapter 16.5 ~ Around the Layout

January 5th


Just walking around the layout at daylight...

















Chapter 16.6 ~ Fuhrwagen

January 12th 2022


A  car (Fuhrwagen) is added to the Vinyard.

It's a laser cut cardboard model in sclae H0 made by Noch (14242)




















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