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Chapter 10.1 ~ The Cathedral




After finishing the White Tower and Drachenburg, I opened the box of Faller's cathedral last week.

It is the most expensive kit I have ever bought. For a sloppy 219 euros, however, you have no less than 666 parts, which are ready for many hours of attention and fun.

For the die-hards: I also bought glue and light bulbs (not to mention window foil, 7 masks and 1 construction instruction), so we can certainly drop the ominous number '666' for this church.



This Cathedral is part of the Bebenhausen Monastry. 


Faller 130816


Unlike the Bebenhausen variant, this Cathedral has 6 additional flying buttresses.

I can hardly wait to place this church together with the Monastery behind the city, surrounded by vineyards.  






This mask, meant for the grand gothic window, looks much better than the one Vollmer produced for the Monastery.



First things first.

As usual, the building is preceded by intensive painting.

As the base color I chose a beige sandstone, which was then aged and weathered with Lasur and dry white paintbrush.

A particularly beautiful part is the piece of wall with a huge Gothic window.





I can never get tired of seeing plastic 'turn to stone' under your brush.




One day later, March 29th, I started the construction of the nave of the church!





With a sneak peak how large the construction will be in comparison with the Monastry.



Chapter 10.2 ~ The Interior


And then... there was this information:   


The imitation stained glass window can optionally be cut out to see through the rosette window inside the interior.

I think the window is so beautiful that I decide to leave it transparent.



But ... that does mean an interior. Starting with a white wall.

Particularly difficult, when you have already assembled part of the church and the windows have already been installed.




On Wednesday 31 March, I was able to buy three wall cards (Faller 170627) for the floor inside the church, as prescribed.

Next to a brand new - and last year's release already  sold out! - BR 95 004 (Märklin 39098).




Chapter 10.3 ~ The Organ


But yes, while musing about the interior, I did some research into the original in Bebenhausen.

I discovered that the Monastery of Bebenhausen converted to Protestantism during the Reformation,

and now falls under the Evangelische Kirche in Württemberg.


In 1885 the Walcker firm placed an organ in the church with 6 stops and 1 manual, used until 1970.

With only one black and white photo I thought I could make this simple organ in 1:87 scale.
But a plan develops as it goes. My organ became a bit bigger and was built according to my own insight.  

From scratch building to...





I definitely wanted to add pedal towers on a 16-foot basis. The church room can handle it.



For the keyboard and lectern I used the Schnitger organ in the Martini Church in Groningen.

Reduced and printed. Unfortunately I don't have a color printer ...





And what is an organ without a pedal?





Last, not least: the organ bench!









One things still bothered me: the flat manuals.

So, on I made the second manual 3D...





Chapter 10.4 ~ Floor, Balcony and Benches


The next thing was the interior: the floor! Since the Wall Cart (Faller  170620) is rather thin and tends to bend, I made a special underfloor of cardboard .




The openings in the walls under the organ balcony will be bricked up. A door in the north wall gives access to the organ.




And then some finetuning: a fence for the balcony. It's the very same one that once was seen on the station platform





Like in the original Bebenhausen Monsatery, I made an elevation of the floor in the front.

Altar, pulpit and baptistry will be put there




On April 7th, a parcel awas brought: people for the vineyard to come!




A church also needs benches. Like the original, I choose for two rows.






I think the stained glass as suggested by Faller is very successful.




Chapter 10.5 ~ Altar, Baptistry, Pulpit and Choir Organ


On the afternoon of Friday April 9th I made the baptistry.

The wall in the back, under the balcony, was dressed up a bit.






Saturday, April 10th ~ Altar, Pulpit, Choir Organ and lamps.



My desk full with all kinds of stuff...



Lamps from the Faller station (never used) can be used, as well of the Cristopforus statue.


The beginning... I never know how it ends!




Except for the plinth (taken from the Alsfeld Townhall, Faller B 936), the pulpit is made entirely from remains of the forester's house (Busch 1675).





The Choir Organ






All together...



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