R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l  21


Extension 3: Schloss Cochem (Bran)




Part 2 - Construction of the North Building




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Chapter 29 ~ Fachwerkturm

Chapter 30 ~ Vineyard Watchtower

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Chapter 21.1 ~ Schildmauer (Shield Wall)

Tuesday, 18-20 April


Contrary to my habit, I decided - as far as the Shieldwall is concerned - to assemble the wall parts first, and only then to paint them.

This is the only way I can get a uniform color.



1. construcetd, yet still clear of paint (left) - 2. Primer with a newly prepared paint. - 3. Lasur coating for aging


Some time ago someone on FB thought that I had made a mistake by placing a toilet on the inside of the wall.


However, this is a hoist.


Now, a real 'outhouse' or 'Plumpsklo' (lit. 'droppings loo') is located on the outer wall of Schloss Bran. As you can see... not too frugal.





The chimney also has a variety of colors. A little darker, where smoke comes out.





Chapter 21.2 ~ Torstube (Gate Room)

Thursday, 21 April




No less than 12 pieces for this chimney


Unfortunately, this wall faces the back, but in my opinion it is the most beautiful part of the entire castle.



We won't get to see much from the back and side. Still, I wanted every part completely painted and patinated. 


By the way, in 2021 this Turmhaus was released as a separate kit as 'Townhall' (Faller 130821)





Chapter 21.3 ~ Foundation, Souk and Lantern

23-24 April


While I was starting the foundation today, I wanted to make something beautiful out of this little tunnel.

It looks like an Arab souk...  









While the glue dries, I threw myself into applying the wall lantern at the front door.

Although the original has the lantern to the left of the door, I wanted to conserve this wall as much as possible.

Also, this part was already glued, and in order not to damage anything, I chose to attach the lantern to the side wall.





Like the House of Usher  




Chapter 21.4 ~ Behind the Torstube

25-27 April







And then I made a mistake by misreading and a certain lack of clarity in the manual...


Page 10, right upper corner, part 11/1 (foundation  of the tower): this part can be placed in two different ways: either the bevel is to the left or to the right.

Only when the tower was almost ready and I wanted to fit it against the base plate, did my misconception become apparent.




The right hand corner is now 90o, but should have been 80o



Nevertheless, the painting of both stucco and Fachwerk match most perfectly.

The small niche under the windows will soon be given a lasur coating, which it lacked since I used the 'Rien Poortvliet' method of horizontal cloth rubbing.




Some complain a bit about Faller's windows, as if it were just for prudence reasons.

Compared to the thick lenses from Vollmer, I experience greater satisfaction and precision when using the sheets from Faller.

Not only does the glass sit directly on the window, but I am captivated by its brilliance.

In doing so, I am extremely careful to avoid stray glue trails...



Since there are so many places where a lamp lamp fits perfectly,

I have decided to tear down the Grand Hotel of Vollmer after about thirty years and to remove all lamp sets

- which have never burned - and integrate them in Schloss Cochem.







Where each floor had separate lighting (including the ground floor, lighting not yet installed) and the two porches,

each with a micro cable bulb, I ended up with twelve lamp sets.





(I'll  never forget the way I lifted the whole building only by the two dormer windows)



But yes, here we go.



In the evening I decided that the beautiful tunnel would still be illuminated.

It required some improvisation when drilling...





Chapter 21.5 ~ From Tunnel to Bedroom Tower

28 April



I found this tunnel too beautiful not to provide lighting, although it is not prescribed.


But a 'little lantern' seemed in order here, although you will soon be able to see little of it. Ah, it's the idea...





Well, and then came a big downer...

Due to a misinterpretation - or perhaps just trusting that Faller would warn of every possible miss by means of a close up - I put the base plate (11/1), which is not square, exactly upside down.
Perhaps the notch (invisible in the drawing, hidden behind the right side wall) should have warned me somehow...




But I went on ignorant...




To avoid later problems of short circuits, I opted for heat shrink tubing this time.



When I tried to fit the tower with the help of the base plate, the mistake came to light.

The angles of 80 and 100 degrees, respectively, were exactly reversed.

I managed to get one of the four walls off - despite being glued with Faller Expert glue - without breaking or bending it, thus saving the patina.



So far, so good!




Chapter 21.6 ~ The Balcony

29 April




For the upper balcony, two additional lanterns are fitted to provide some mood lighting.



On closer inspection - certainly after installing the two lanterns - I thought the balcony floor was too dark.

Therefore I decided to change color, that I particularly like afterwards...









Most of this painting will not be seen anymore and vanish behind walls...


I had to cut away some of this edge to connect the tower to the wall, otherwise there would be a gap of about two millimeters.




Chapter 21.7 ~ The Balconyhouse and some wiring

30 April










Chapter 21.8 ~ The Upperfloor

May, 1st / 5th




With the door open, a small interior is mandatory. Faller base plate and remnant of the Busch stone structure.

The extra lighting in the cubicle is mainly intended to illuminate the balcony.






The one tower is fixed under pressure of The Two Towers...





It's a pretty complex roof structure, but all parts fits most perfectly






Four days later, the roof is closed...






And then the funpart: strips of tiles everywhere. I love these contrasting colorways between wall and roof.






Chapter 21.9 ~ Preparing the Innerwall Section

May,  6th, 11th and 12th





Much of this weathered stone structure will soon disappear behind other parts of the building. But the thought counts... 



In the evening I decided to repaint the wooden decking.

Instead of the (Klingentorturm-esque) greenish black, it seemed to me everything was getting too dark.

Hence this lighter wood color.




Mask or no mask, I don't want to risk that light somehow shines through




No less than thirteen lights are installed yet. I hope I haven't forget one.


Some chimney work and the bedroom balcony to end the day with...








Chapter 21.10 ~ Mathematics and Recalculation

May, 12th


The next day I had to do some maths...



With so many parts, things might shift unforseen.

A minor miscalculation. Therefor, I had to modify these walls a little.



 Even in the manual the wall ran outwards.




Chapter 21.11 ~ A new Extension 

Saturday, May 14th


The second ground plane will be applied today


There is no better moment than cutting the beautifully painted parts out of the frame

and putting them together into something beautiful.



I have applied extra darkening with paint to exclude any risk of light transmission.

Admittedly, more lights are placed than Faller has prescribed. The building just asks for it...


When pressing this extension after gluing, I accidentally pressed too hard on the front door. This one flew in... and that space was no longer accessible.

Anyway, with a trick (a stick with tape) I managed to get the door back in place through a hole in the bottom of the mask.


There it is again! Pfewwww....




Chapter 21.12 ~ More roofs and chimneys

Tuesday, May 17th


About roofs and more chimneys...






Half a dormer, one window hidden behind planks...





Instead of this printed paper I might have been better off using real wood...


That plank is too thick for me... will be halved later.


And then the chimneys...




I numbered them anyway so as not to mix any 




Meanwhile, the balcony gets the necessary fence to prevent Preiserlein from falling down...






Chapter 21.13 ~ Courtyard Balcony

Tuesday, May 17th - 18th


 The courtyard is gaining more and more prestige.

After the roof ridges, it is time to tackle the gallery along the wall.













Finally some fine tuning with wood




Chapter 21.14 ~ Frontal  Stair Tower

Friday, May 20th


A long weekend ahead.

Today I only focussed on page 36, the frontal stair tower.







Needless to say, but painting is everything, above and below



'Only' twelve parts...



I think I suffer from the "I-do-in-every-room-a-light syndrome" (without prescription)




I shortened the bar (applied a day before) a few millimeters so that the roof fit exactly under it.



I am really impressed with what Faller has accomplished with this building.





Chapter 21.15 ~ The Inner Stair Tower

Saturday, 21 May

(p. 38)










Construction of The Lectern Tower


is being continued in


 Chapter 22




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