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Chapter 34 ~ T o w n h a l l  U p g r a d i n g




For many weeks the renovation had come to a stop.

But today I picked up the pen and pencil again.


For a start, I took the roof of the Town Hall and as with the Cochemer Burg,

I also wanted to give this roof the same allure.  


You might have seen this one:



So, let's see what we can do.

While removing the roof, I did a little photoshoot of the interior and the close surroundings in advance.

Just to get the hang of it...







This electronic device is the control of the fireplace






Now, let's get to work... 









Not before I finished painting the model, I considered searching for the original at Konstanz.

I had no clue that it has exactly the same structure...!




Now still some white dry brushing...







Now let's put it all together and see how it fits into the landscape of the Cochemer Bahn...



Most rewarding!



Chapter 35 ~ I n  B e t w e e n  G r a s s



A small project for this weekend: filling the gaps!

I I found this part between the railway tracks too large a gravel surface somewhere.

Just like on the other side of the platform, I also decided to provide this part with grass.


 I had to scrape off some gravel. 



First "dry" testing how it would look like.



Too straight the edge seems unnatural to me. Besides, I need room for the smaller vegatation at the side 





... and while I am working on the smaller vegetation, weeds and tares are 'growing' into the fence in the front.



The reverent  or "der Hochwürden" (Preiser 28105) is enjoying the view in a quiet spot at the head of the platform, waiting for the next train to arrive.



Chapter 36 ~ The Right Hand Corner



After a couple of weeks of silence, (and too much working on the website behiond my computer), I decided to do a little foresting today.

Focussing on the right hand corner in the front, I worked with little bushes and weeds. The final positioning of the trees will come later.

Besides, I'm still waiting for two boxes of dry grass (Busch 1301) which I will use for some variety in the front.


Now let the pictures tell a tale of some 4 hours of tinkering with pleasure...


Today I will only focus on the area between forest lake and track.








One might for a moment compare the situation as it was in 2002...




And now at the end of 2020...









Chapter 37 ~ W o r k i n g  o n  W e e d s



With four days of vacation in view, today I devoted myself to replenishing weeds. There are still several spots that can use some leaf foliage.

But before that, I noticed another annoyance: the uncoupler track and hideous screw. They had to be removed first.







New foliage and weeds across the track and between the fence at the right





Between the two tracks as well as around and on the track bumpers new weeds were brought in







I n t e r m i s s i o n

Some shots during the day (17/12)









Chapter 38 ~ Finishing the coal bunker



Last week the reed coal baskets arrived after ten months waiting (they came all the way from Vietnam).

Now, I finally was able to finish the coal bunker.


For a small recap:







And now: the finishing touch!




Now, before I put the baskets in thier spots, I will give the area a true coal-ish look. But first a recap...






Finally glued to the platform




First both the platform and surrounding area are painted in a thin mix of black and lasur



The coal is scattered around the bunker.

On the paltform, the coal is positioned on the right spot, still dry. A little philosophy is not superfluous... 


The staircase now added, the coal glued...




The right atmosphere is created. Waiting for the next locomotive to be supplied!



Tomorrow, I will add the bats and coal shovels  



And so I did...





Filling an empty basket half with coal





Ouch... someone toppled a basket!





To top it all off, I tackled the area along the track as well 







And in the end, some lasur topping here and there... 



To be continued  in  C h a p t e r  8


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