R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l (11)


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Chapter 11.1 ~ The second layer of water





Since there were still piglets and deer to position someweher in the nature's environment, this I had to do first.



The first layer of water was applied Jun 15th, 2020. See the video right here!


This is how the water was shaped in June 2020: Silicone Sealant for the waterfalls, and Artificial Water (Noch 60874) for filling the brook.


Now both waterfall and brook were waiting for more livelyness.

Therefor a second layer was applied. I choose Water Texture Acrylic (Vallejo 26.201).




As a deer pants for flowing streams...



Chapter 11.2 ~ The third layer of water



With Noch foam and spume a third layer was applied on all waterparts, including the one in the right front corner.

It seems that what was a failure once, might get recovered...




The Cochemer Burg grows in its appearance




Last Update:

Frits Osterthun 28.5.2021