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Chapter 19.1 ~ Unboxing Busch 1667

March 5th


On 25.5.2019, I bought myself this dilapidated house, meant for a spot on the Cochemer Bahn, somewhere in town at the utmost left hand corner.

It lay for almost 3 years in the cabinet.


Since I finished the Module of Stift Cochem  in Januari, there was nothing at hand for the moment being.

So... time to unboxing the 'Verfallenes Fachwerkhaus'!















Chapter 19.2 ~ Painting & Weathering

Let the pictures tell their tale...

March 5th 





If only I knew that the acrylic paint would curl the thin layer of wood...




Now there's some dilap... dapil... errr... dation






Chapter 19.3 ~ Building the dilapidated

March 5th


It fellt like my first Busch experience with the Forsthaus





I gave the interior an off white layer, since one can look inside.



Not prescribed, but I gave the first floor a wall and 'carpet' of wooden temnants. These parts (beams and tiles) came out of the sachet...



... however, the rest I added myself: grit, grass, moss, sand, etc.






Chapter 19.4 ~ Then there's the attic!

March 6th













"No' without a decent co' o' coffee!"









Chapter 19.4 ~ Stone fittings

March 7th









"Even broken glass can reflect a clear blue sky!"




It turned out that the printing of the stones considering the shade was partly turned upside down...




... alas!




And here you can see the flip-flop right in the middel of the printing








Chapter 19.5 ~ The rooftop

March 12th




The bike was not included, but the idea itself came from the very front cover of the box (see top).









I added rafters on both sides with remnants of the wood









Thomas  Blencke, a formidable model builder, wrote as a comment on FB to this last picture:


Mir gefällt das Gebäude absolut nicht. Es schaut richtig künstlich aus.

Deine Arbeit möchte ich hier nicht kritisieren sondern die des Herstellers.

Es schaut einfach billig aus und da helfen auch keine Ausschmückungsgegenstände.


Ich habe beschlossen Dir ein schönes altes Fachwerkhaus zu bauen.







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