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Chapter 31 ~ P a r a d e s t r e c k e

(July 2020)


Midsummer 2020, I focused largely on the parade track in the front.

Starting May 13th with new gravel near the man track in front, the so called 'parade track' of 'Paradestrecke'

July became the month of truth.



Since Busch changed the composition of Herbstaue 1305 - as Mr. Jörg Vallen stated in a private message -

I decided to try Busch 1301 Dry Grass on his advice.  

At first sight it looks like sponge.



However, paint and vegetation material are at hand, besides a lot of imagination and patience!




July 9th & 10th





After some 30 years, this old tree trunk must be removed to give way for new vegetation.







A week later, I continued with the edges and a small tree...  



I painted the other sheet of Busch 1301 in advance, to avoid difference in colour. At the right side you can still see the original.




After a day of drying, this is the starting point of today! 







Liebe zum Detail










A day later, I worked on the stretch near the Lorelei tunnel, across the track.



The journey continues through August 


Although this was my first attempt at a level crossing, I found it too wide all along. And that for a handful of sheep. So, get rid of it!






In the meantime, I have also added an extra strip of grass between the tracks.












Chapter 32 ~ F o r e s t  n e a r  t h e  P a r a d e s t r e c k e

(August 2020)


The next days (4-16 August), I spend time on new trees. The procedure of preparing them took some time.

Twenty times 30 minutes or so... but the result is rewarding.


Now, the front part of the layout - viz. the 'Paradestrecke' and adjacent hill side - needs attention.

I had in mind to have some groups of trees on the slope, but this has at least one very tricky quality: they might block the view of the station.

On the other hand, I want a separation between front and middle section,

since during the renovation process I discovered that by using a strip of trees,

the distance between two nearby sites is sort of 'enlarged' and they become two separate worlds.


So, on August 5th I started with just some trees (not fixed yet) to 'experience' the effect on the whole.




It worked out fine, so I decided that there should come a fir tree forest anyhow.

With some restraint I started this project, not knowing that it would seem to be the right choice in the end!

Well, enough philosophized! Let's see some results!




In the mean time I worked on two spots where wild grass would come, both at landmark 9/7...


...and near the main platform. I thought this gravel bed too dry in the midday sun, so a strip of grass is just fine to me (10/8).



At the very right end, I also started planting trees. Again, here too I must be careful not to lose sight of the track (14/8).


The Württ. AD 1521 gives a fine match to the tree-ish surroundings.



The forest grows from 5 to a bunch of 18...


The next day, I worked on the connection between forest and track. Grass indeed, what else...



In this perspective you can see how the tracks of the rail yard are enfolded by two 'hedges' of vegetation.





Vistas (a long, narrow view as between rows of trees or buildings) are important, since they provide both depth and airiness. 



Now here's one vista...


... and here's another one, seen from above... 



... and from below.



 I ended up planting two more deciduous trees among these pines, both for filling and variety.

At the same time, they also give some depth of perspective to the forest as a whole.




I admit that the result even amazes me. 'Be careful what you wish for...!' we tend to sing.

Well, I guess it's almost a plus-quam-perfectum....




Chapter 33 ~ A d d i t i o n a l  C o a l  B u n k e r

(August 29-30)


Opposite the small platform with coal bunker and crane I had planned a larger bunker.

Since I was able to buy new balsa wood (8/22), this is the result. The pictures tell the story, so comment is not needed (I guess).

















The environment still needs to be colored darker, but the start is there.

That's it for now.


~ ~ ~


Now let's see what W i n t e r t i m e  will bring us in C h a p t e r  7


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