R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



8.3 ~ R e n o v a t i o n  o f  s o m e  A l t s t a d t   H o u s e s 

(which afterall will vanish in a year anyway)




Since the Klingentorturm found its place on the Cochemer Bahn, the other houses - now about forty years old - suddenly looked a bit thin.
I have planned to make some adjustments by means of paintwork and, in some cases, even improve the interior.


First there is the Arkaden Cafe (Kibri 8375)



For weathering, I had to remove all the mouldings first...





A bit strange, when you look at these structures again after some forty years.

You can clearly see the traces of time in it and the rather primitive way of sealing that I used at the time. 




Here they are in their prime, some 40 years ago on my dad's layout in The Attic Empire



But now, from past to present!


A new window glass in the upper window section, and duct tape as a renewed seal.




Putting things together again...


Neighbouring at the Arkaden Cafe is the Patrizierhaus, former Kibri 8379



I did only a Lasur coating and a dry brush...  



... and furthermore, some details like handles and hinges in gloss black.



Like it could be...


... and like it will be!





Frits Osterthun 23.9.2022

Last update: 28.1.2023