W a l d w e i d e


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W h a t  l i e s  b e t w e e n  t h e  C o c h e m e r  B u r g  a n d  t h e  B l a c k  F o r e s t


Once upon a time... there was this magnificent stronghold!




But... what was behind it?



Althoug the undergrowth, a forestal floor, was planted some 14 years ago, now it's time to give it a proper vegetation.



The idea came to me to use the sate sticks - originally meant for the "Jacq Damen" Fir Trees - for barlings.

They will make a fence for either cattle or sheep.






When the glue has dried, I will cut of these sticks and fix planks between the poles.






Around Cochemer Burg

(April 9, 2019)






April 10, 2019



They looked like the wind pipe organs as one can find along the sea coast route, from South Africa to Norway, with Flushing aka Vlissingen in the middle.

The meadow just needs fencing for cattle.











On July 2nd 1505, Martin Luther was overtaken by a thunderstorm on his way home to Erfurt. He vowed to become an obedientiary...




Right out of the kitchen: basil, dill, oregano, kale, moccona and real coffee...


Now it's time for some miniatures...

















H o w e v e r...


I somehow never liked the rough shape of the turf. So, exactly 11 months later I started all over again!





Now that's more like it!



Frits Osterthun 11.2.2020

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