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A new project in my studyroom




As I have some train compositions in my collection that deserve to be presented in a decent and fashionable way, I started planning a new display.


I felt the urge of making a showcase which should contain both a lengthy diorama for presenting long trains in full grandeur,

and enough room for static presentations of single locomotives or small train compositions.


Since I moved to the North, many books are still lying unpacked in their boxes by lack of shelves.

Now that I finally have plans for a new bookcase - after a special wall was installed in my study room - I planned to integrate a train display annex showcase right into it as well.



The result (or at least… the beginning of it) can be seen in the next pictures.

Since the shelves measure 40 cm deep and 250 cm wide, I figured that the most appropriate theme for showing trains in full length might be...


D i e  R h e i n s t r e c k e !





In stead of having the hooks in front of the shelves, as usually done, I decided to use wider shelves and shorter hooks.

Drilling holes of 5 mm at the bottom gave way for the vertical hooks.

It not only looks smoother, but this way it also prevents lateral movements.





Later on, I will make a second shelf in the middle for static presentation of locomotives.

Two glass panels are needed in the front to protect against dust and dirt. 


20.4.2019 -  two 'rails' of beech wood (two cuts of 5 mm) have been ordered to hold the (4 mm) glass panels




As mentioned before, the upper compartment is meant for static trains, whereas the lower will contain a display



On Saturday May 4th 2019, I prepared the shelve in the middle for the static models!

A brim is needed to hide the LED equipment from view, while illuminating the display below.





Three shelves are needed for a stepped display



Smoothing out with sanding paper





Providing a stain layer





The glass panels had to be of an exact size.

Counting millimeters...




April 4th 2019



The arrows pont out the location where LED-strips will be positioned.



The glass had a most perfect fit and more shelves were added in the mean time.

Fortunately these shelves have such a balance that the intended pole in the middle turned out to be redundant.



Tracks are being fixed for the display in the top




Completion of the bookcase on June 8th 2019



Toying and testing the width of the Rheingold Strecke





LeD there be light!



On Saturday 21 September, 2019 the LED-strips were being fixed.




In the top I choose for a vertical position to illuminate the models from the front.

For the lower display the LED-strip was positioned horizontally, pretending daylight.





Both LED-strips have blue and white coloured LEDs, that can be adjusted both in color and brightness.

A matter of Night and Day.




* * *


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