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"Down Hill"


How the most neglected part of my layout became a gem!


Ever since I started working on my layout of the Cochemer Bahn, there were some areas I didn't take notice of for many years.

One of them is this piece of mountain.

Let's call it... Down Hill.


September 11, 2009


It is a separate part which can be taken out for convenience's sake, if ever I have to dismantled the upper layer with town for reasons of transportation.  



While running through my photo files, I discovered that I had a huge make-over yet

of several natural parts of the Cochemer Bahn, including Down Hill on November 30, 2004


(November 30, 2004)


Although not yet finished in the way I had in mind, it didn't look too bad for the time being.




However, since I started making pine trees for the 'Black Forest' behind the castle last week (see the special report!),

I considered that today was a good moment for a try-out-of-skills on this small piece of mountain, before doing the greater work.

What was there to be spoiled?!




Even if I had no specific plans how to work things out or what would become of it...

while collecting all kinds of materials an putting it on the table...


I simply started with painting that stupid wall. I still don't remember why I put it there!

I guess for reasons of forbidden boredom!



To begin with... a cup of tea!



I started simple, by painting the bricks yellow with the intention of working outwards, not even thinking of the next step!


But after the first step came another... and another... untill all of a sudden I got the hang of it,

loosing myself for hours in creating miniatures. I must have tapped some hidden source...



This wall at the foot of a small hill top might collapse in time... therefor these wooden beams are to prevent unforseen landsliding




Adding ferns




planting my first pine tree in the hole that has been dug one-and-a half decade ago!



Now, isn't that lively?! Well... for the moment being. Alas, yhey turned yellow soon...




The second challenge is the "Waldrand"



In the past I used small pieces of Busch Waldrand ("edge of the wood").

For some reason it either didn't fit or I just lacked the right feeling to apply it properly.



But today, only one thing counts: "Just dew it!"



This lower part of Down Hill seemed fit for some experiment with the 'Waldrand'.








One dead tree trunk still standing, while another submitted to gravity...



Perhaps this spot calls for some deer or swine!



My work bench today!




Well, that' s it for now!





Today I finished Down-Hil l... more or less.

(February 15, 2019) 


Again my tabel is filled...



Let's start at the left hand side. White glue as fixing layer for the undergrowth



With the recently purchased 'Seemoss' I make some bushes to give depth and dimension



At the right side, this pine tree still needs to be fixed with glue




Most satisfying, if I may say so...



With orignal sand of the dunes (near the Roestelberg) and small sheaves of grass I do the finishing touch




Tomorrow I will focus on the layout itself, to enhance continuity with the surrounding area.




As said, today I want to implement the separate part of Down HIll into the environment.

You may judge for yourselve if I succeeded.

But as it goes, braking preceeds building.

(February 16, 2019) 



My office today




Alas, I have to remove most of the flora, since dust and even more dust got the upper hand on all the flora...




Now I have to bridge this gap



Since I still have to do some basic paiting on the rocks and get rid of the white styrofoam edges, I rushed to the shop to do some groceries...





Now the real work can begin. And it all starts with... white glue!



It looks great, but now I'm getting annoyed because of the 'plastic' tunnel... but I will get to that later!



Even the 'Waldrand' needs an edge...



...and here it is!



The small hill top calls for a bich tree.



At the end of the afternoon, I decided to give it a shot! Real 'stone' it will be!

Although I prefer to paint right out of the box, then again, I have to deal with the situation as it is.



All the old and colorless ivy in the arcades has to be removed



And here's the whole thing.



Not to end this day all too black, here's a colorful shot of the new area.

I added some reddish brown 'autumn' colors for variety.



Repainting the tunnel with yellow and a drybrush topping...

(April 1, 2019)





A fine day to continue working at the tunnel entrance

(April 28, 2019)



Preparing the materials...


By the way, last Saturday I lifted the whole layout from 67 cm to 118 cm. The Cochemer Bahn is on on eye level now.



As you could read earlier, I removed all the old bushes to be able to paint the tunnel and adjacent wall

Now, I started with two bushes of autumn grass right in the arcades...





Some ivy against the wall combined with a hand made bush in front of it (Seemoss and Heki flor)








I must say, I am pretty surprised with the result and had no clue that it would turn out to look like this!





I continued to make a fence on top of the hill to make a transition to the station area. 

(June, 2019)






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