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Saturday, April 10th

An altar, a pulpit and a choir organ were made, all scracth. Now the construction of the cathedral can be resumed. Read about the construction in Journal 10



Thursday , 8 April

A new picture form the Rheine Files edited and added: DB 042 360-8 (DRG 41 360) in Doppeltraktion mit 'Langer Heinrich' über die Emslandstrecke (Emden/Rheine)


Viewed by JvB (left), shot by his brother GvB


April 2021

The Kathedral is having an organ in a rather Bätz-Schnitger-Walcker like style. Read the story in Chapter 10.1.



Sunday, 28 March

Last week I opened the box of Faller 130598. After checking things out, I started painting the Cathedral (Faller 130598).

This model kit contains 666 parts - not exactly a nice number for a church! - but I bought glue and light bulbs as well, so that makes 667 plus.

Read more in: Journal 10.1.




During painting I started to make a small display for a dear friend of mine with whom I visited the World's largest cuckoo clock years ago. Since this model has become obsolete on my layout, I decided to get rid of it. Because of her birthday I thought it a good idea to give it to her as a memory of a great time we shared.


For many years on the Cochemer Bahn...


... and now as a gift on a display.


 Friday, 19 March

Aa new doorway from the bridge into the Drachenburg. Handmade. See more in Chapter 47.



Wednesday, 17 March

Adding three Micro Metakit pictures, never released before:


94301H ~ bay. D IV


04100H ~Bay. D VI


03105H ~ DB 18 451 for Lokomotiv-Versuchsanstalt Minden (LVA)


 Saturday, March 13th

At Sander's place I not only collected my pre-ordered Trix and Brawa wagons today.


Trix 23525


Trix 23828


Trix 23536


Brawa 48034


Brawa 48363


Friday , March 12th

The White Tower and Drachenburg are now connected to the Cochemer Burg.

Vegetation  is applied, the lights are on...




Thursday, March 4th

I found these gems in my Micro Metakit 'treasure box' from 2009 . I only added the grey tone pictures in 2009, so 12 years later they are presented for the first time, not only on my domain but to the world as well. Pretty rare, if you ask me, since these models are not being produced anymore, neither by Micro Metakit nor Micro Feinmechanik.



Monday, March 1st

I finished the D r a c h e n b u r g as good as. All lamps function and I'm looking forward seeing them shine in the darkness of the forest arounbd the Cochemer Burg.

Since Achim Beyer commented (March 1st) on my FB with the frase "Sehr schöne Burg. Weiß grade nicht warum aber sie erinnert mich an eine drachenburg..." this very name Drachenburg was in my mind all the time. Even more, since the rooftops and roof ridge of this small castle resemble the scales of a dragon. So, thanks Achim!



I took another shot (well, several!) of the Cochemer Burg as well. I still can't believe my eyes that this is happening. Such perfect harmony!



Sunday, 28/2

In the past week I was busy scratch building an extension of the castle, as a connection to the White Tower, also known as Gate Tower.

Read more in Chapter 46 and 47 of the Journal.



Saturday 20.2.2021

How only 5 inches (12,5 cm) can make a difference indeed. Now that the 'oversized villas' on the left side of the poster are offset by the urban sprawl, the backdrop can come out higher.

Things are getting into balance now. The forest in the center of the model railway now flows smoothly into the green hills on the poster.




Thursday, 18.2.2021

As good as  finished: the first part of the Monastery.

Before I decide where this building will be located on the monastery complex, the cathedral will have to be built first.




Tuesday, 16.2.2021

Addition to the Micro Metakit Files: tanklocomotive bay. D VI, DIETERICH (BR 8871-72)


Micro Metakit 94300H


Thursday, 11.2.2021

After the balcony of the station as an intermission, I sincerely started to work on the Vollmer Monastery these days. A more detailed description in Chapter 44 (Journal 9).




Sunday, 7.2.2021

While an east wind rages across the country with snow showers, I sit inside tinkering with a station canopy. Read the story of its making in Chapter 43.



Thursday, 28.2.2021

Getting things started...



Tuesday, 26.1.2021

No time for boredom...



Saturday, 23.1.2021

Last week I had a curious plan.

As I set up the Klingentorturm on the outskirts of Cochemer Town, I saw how it stood exactly on the edge of the layout. No mirror behind it this time to create depth.

In addition, I have about 53 centimeters of space between layout and background. So I thought: Why not an extension? Like something you can see under the gate.

A field road or something like that. But this idea quickly grew into urban expansion beyond the wall.

At first I thought of the Bebenhausen Monastery (Faller 130816). A fantastic subject, which fits well with the theme of the layout.

Unfortunately this model appears to be sold out for some years and alas, my dealer also had none...



However, the Cathedral (Faller 130598) which in effect is part of the Bebenhausen Monastery, was still available.

To still create something of Monastery Grounds in combination with this cathedral, I ordered the Vollmer Monastery (43860) online on Monday 25/1, which was delivered a day later.

I can certainly move forward in the coming weeks, perhaps months...



All materials delivered at my homestead (by myself)




Thursday, 21.1.2021

We are approaching the roof. The third floor was provided with an interior.

Furthermore, the roof has been painted and I have started thinking about a transition from the Klingentor to the existing wall. A fun challenge...

See for more: Chapter 40 of Journal 8.





Thursday, 14.1.2021

Heading for the next floor and alfabeth a minore...

See Chapter 40.





Monday, 11.1.2021

Slow but steady progress.




Tuesday, 3.1.2021

These days I work with great patience on painting the Klingentor (Faller 130400). In slow, joyfull and satisfying progress...

Read more in Chapter 40 of Journal 8.




Monday, 2.1.2020

A new chapter is written: the Cochemer Bahn finally has a decent background. Read Chapter 39.

I finished this 366 cm (12 foot) wide background on the last day of 2020, and I have to say, I'm quite proud of the effect on the whole layout and the opportunity in now will give to make more inspiring pictures and clips. On my FB channel, I posted 4 pictures of this project which resulted in over 600  hits within 21 hours and a great many responses.






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