Storing your models




When you buy yourself a model of a new locomotive, coach or cargo wagon, they are not just wrapped in a paper bag. 

Therefore it is necessary, that these models are delivered in a suitable package.


This way, it will be transported from the factory to your dominion 'in one piece'.

Besides that, a package also represents the factory itself in name, colour, house style and so on.


In time, these packages change by progress in shape, colour and material. So here's a short picturesque impression which gives an idea of how certain factories deal with this specific chapter of their industry.



1. Brawa - Remshalden

2. Fleischmann ~ Nürnberg

3. Märklin ~ Göppingen

  4. Piko ~ Sonneberg

5. Roco ~ Salzburg

6. Sachsenmodelle - Oybin/Dresden
7. Trix - Nürnberg
8. Special ~ Märklin 2005