In 2010 I discovered this old Fleischmann model

at my dealers.


A colourful cardboard box

with soft plastic window.






Later on the colour  was modernised in fresh red, whit and black, still in use for lower priced models





Most famous are these hard plastic boxes. 


They are still in use since a long time.

The only change is in the printing "Fleischmann",

which has changed from non coloured into red around 2005.


On top is the limited edition 5845 in Prussian Livery (1835-1920).

Below (5421) the same model for the DRG (1920-1945).


Exclusive and limited models

are printed in blue.


Regular models are delivered

with black printings.


K stand s for Kinematic

(close coupler pocket)


Frits Osterthun, 8.1.2009/19.12.2010