The first time I bought Trix time in these hard plastic boxes.


This model of  a Bavarian "Rungenwagen" is delivered in a soft plastic layer.

A yellow paper shows the models reference.

In later days there was also a sticker with barcode.


Trix 23568



Most models of this kind were also delivered with two imitation couplers

(in a small sachet).



Like Fleischmann, the label is on the hard plastic cover.



Later on, the design differed. 


Blue print was changed into green,

whereas yellow was replaced by grey and yellow.



Here's the box of 23560.



The there was only in a short period a cardboard cover

over the original hard plastic box. It shows a bit more decent.



The side of this model (23905) differs also. 

This one was newly released in 1996.



For Märklin models released on the Trix-market, there were these boxes. that look pretty similar as Märklin ones.

It contains a small beer wagon (type Ni) of the K.W.St.E.



A last example shows the typical design of the marriage between Märklin and Trix.

These wagons were released by both factories. 



A Styrofoam layer and cover on the inside.

A cardboard cover on top of it.



This is how it looks from the inside.






Osterthun Verlag ~ 8.1.2009