After years of focusing on miniature lampposts in scale H0 and N, 

the Remshalden manufacturer Brawa has paid more and more attention

to locomotives and coaches in the late nineties.


In 2000 Brawa had a pretty large collection of diesel, steam  and electric locomotives

of German origin. 

Since 2000 Brawa has released a new Württemberg steamer every year,

accompanied with several Württemberg coaches and freight cars.


Brawa 2153


... 2000


The first Brawa coach that I achieved in 2000 has a cardboard box with flip over cover. As you can see, it looks pretty nice, 

with several pictures of models comparative in colour.


It's not quite easy to get the model out, but the car is stored

secure enough. I guess this kind of packing  was used only 

one year. 


Brawa 2153


The side of the same box, to be seen when stored n the shop. 

It hosts a Württemberg two axled coach (4th class) in grey livery.


Since 2001...


The same model of this Württemberg coach (4th class in red livery) was delivered in 2001 in a new developed hard plastic box with soft plastic layer. 


Brawa 2158



The conic shape allows these kind of boxes 

that they can be piled on another easily.




Frits Osterthun, 8.1.2009