Storing models isn't that simple. 

Especially when in due time models are released more prototypically,

more detailed and hence they become more fragile.


One of the first Roco models I purchased was delivered  in a cardboard packing.

The car was taken from aside.  It's main colour was blue/ and orange. 

I guess it was used until the late seventies.



Roco 46123 (4330S)



About 1979 the numeric system of 4 digits with capital letter

was altered into 5 digits only. 


The cardboard layer was replaced by a styropor layer. 

Blue and orange were maintained as main colour.


Roco released this model until 1984.



Roco 44238 (4210S)




Locomotives were stored in the same way.



In 1991 Roco released this lovely Bavarian local coach

in addition to the special set 44018 released only in 1990.


The styropor layer is still used with the same cardboard cover.

Although the main colours blue and orange are still in use, 

these are colours are performed brighter. 


A barcode is added plus all CE-warnings.



Roco 44827


Some models got this extra sticker (EXACT 1 : 87) 

to inform you that this model was exactly in scale.



Roco 45518



Since 2004, Roco has divided it's models into 3 categories:


P is for Platinum (silver)

P is for Professional (royal blue)

P is for Playtime (orange)


This 'professional' packing belongs to the newly released 

Prussian local coaches.



Roco 45570



In January 2005 Roco released new Bavarian 

4-axeld coaches in the Platinum Series.


As you can see, this box is of a totally new design,

both in shape and colour. 

Well, it has it's price...



Roco 45580


The coach is lying on a foam bed of styropor.

The cover is attached wit a hinge.


As you can see, the hinge also has a spring.

Nifty nifty...


Under the layer there's enough space to store spare parts,

leaflets, 'Sprengwerk', etc.