S p r u c e  T r e e s  o n  t h e  C o c h e m e r  B a h n


H e k i  S t e c k f i c h t e




Due to my moving to the North, I had to sort out lots of things, not in the least "train stuff".


Among the materials that were collecting dust for years,

I found this still unopened sachet (in guilder price!) with 12 socalled Steckfichte (Spruce Trees).



Since I want to make a real Black Forest and my Fir Trees in Jacq-Damen-Style are by far not sufficient in number,

I thought of filling the gaps with for instance these Heki Spruce Trees.



As you might know, I avoid putting stuff right out of the box on my layout, without giving it a proper and personal touch

like altering, colouring or changing its shape in my own style.


So these Steckfichte had to be taken care of as you can see in the next episode...



For giving these look-alike-trees a more appropriate and unique character, I use the thinning shears and pincers.




After cutting the branches in a satisfying shape, white glue is applied...



To get a coniferous structure on the branches, I apply Woodland Blended Turf: Green Blend T49.



For some more colour nuance, I ad some natural brownish 'dirt'.



You can judge for yourself which one looks best!



I can hardly wait to see these Spruce Trees planted on my layout as well!


* * *


Read more about trees in the story  of Down Hill and Pine Trees!


Frits Osterthun 28.2.2019