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"The Moat"




47.1 - The idea

(July 2022) 


Proposition by  an inspired FB friend





In July 2022, this was the original idea to connect the Johannes Kapelle with Schloss Cochem.
Over time, however, I came back from this idea and decided to form the Pulverturm,

together with the Johannes Kapelle and additionally the Torque Tower, into an independent unit.

This is how the 'Pulverturm Insel' was created.

To emphasize this, making a moat (canal or ditch) was imperative.




In chapter 41.2, I already wrote:


(20 July - 15 August, 2023) 













47.2 - Water in the Ditch

(November 2023) 



On November 22, I decided to fill the moat with water.

Before I could do this, I first had to neatly finish the edge at the foot of the castle with sand and vegetation.

I also applied some polystyrene to allow the slope to drain at the rear of the castle tower.

A piece of old foundation is still visible, remnant of a time long passed!
































As promising as it looked on November 24, the result was just as sad four days later, after hardening.

It reminded me closely of the pond failure in March 2020:






2.12.2023 ~ 2nd layer to fill the gaps 


5.12.2023 - looking better, but still needs some more attention...




Frits Osterthun 28.11.2023

Last update: 13.1.2024