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Chapter 3.3 ~ T h e  R u i n e d  T o w e r

(January 11, 2020)


This tower I created myself with Styrofoam instead of the original one, which now is at the rear end.




In another chapter you can read how I came to do it this way!



No vegetation today, since creating another miniature came into my mind!

Why not shaping a small new world on top of this ruined tower?!

With fresh vegetation, some wooden beams lost here and there, and not in the least some ramps dangerously dangling on the wall?



Stripping the top with great care... 



Making a door, not only with support connections...




...but also with handle and hinges!


Then there must be something like a little gauntry scaffold in the corner, remnants of a loft, long forgotten...


A first impression (at night):



But a door as flat like this to a wall? Nah!

It really needs depth!







These two walls together will form an inner corner wall at the south-east side.

Beams and ripped planking will fit up the upper floor of this ruined tower.

While painting some beams meant for the tower top interior, I got the idea of making some more beams

and have them sticking out of the wall in the lower part of the tower as if there is another floor inside!

Or perhaps there has been a balcony or platform on the outside, remnants of a time past!

We'll see to that!


A few days later...









Two days later I knew what to do!


Fine grit as remnants of the broken walls...





After some research I discovered ruines, where beams stuck out of the wall, such as Haus Rauheneck in Bavaria






Frits Osterthun 19.3.2020

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