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Kleiner Rundturm


Faller 130826 at Dortmund Intermodellbau | Frits Osterthun © 21.4.2023


38.1 ~ The Idea

(April 24, 2023)


With the Pulverturm and Wehrgang as the closure of the grounds of Schloss Cochem, it is obvious to use the Kleiner Rundturm as the closing piece.

With this I create an inner courtyard on the south side of the castle, where the Johannes Chapel is, as it were, embraced by Schildturm, Wehrgang, Pulverturm and Rundturm.

Again, this Rundturm is also part of the former Schloss Bran.


Announced for 4/23, the release has been postponed to 6/23, in May even to 7/23 now, and then again... "Anfang September" sagte die Dunja zu mir.

I'll have to wait continuing working on the compound, since it also determines the position of the stairway into the Lustgarten.

In this process it has become clear to me how each element influences the other. 


38.2 ~ Arrivé

(September 25, 2023)


Finally, I got an email from Faller with DHL tracking code... and today the final parcel arrived right from Gütenbach.

A three days journey together with the final 'gift' of Faller Gütenbach over the past 11 months.





38.3 ~ Unboxing

(September 25, 2023)






As you would expect, the box was sealed, tissue paper inside, and everything neatly organized in the box.

This virginal feeling contributes to the pleasure of opening a kit, sorting the parts, studying the manual and then painting, building and installing on the layout.




38.4 ~ Painting, weathering and construction

(September 26-28, 2023)








The First Preiserlein which I received from Rolf Reich for the Mittelaltermarkt is now positioned on the Cochemer Bahn.

I suppose it's His Royal Highness' Chamberlain, inspecting the area. 




Since the door to the balcony is open and Faller has prepared such a nice wooden floor,

I thought it was necessary to decorate the entire interior:
1. applying a layer of lasur to the walls (white mask) to make the room look old with moisture and mold;
2. some shields on the wall;
3. a door in the back that opens onto the Wehrgang (Faller spare part, originally not provided)



Later I realized that this unused part fits nicely here as a frame for the door. 



After finishing, an extra layer of dry white for a stronger accent (right picture) and removing some unforeseen glue spots.




38.5 ~ And then... on to the Cochemer Bahn

(April 28, 2023)




Promising... very promising



The further development of the Rundturm is described in Chapter 41: Pulverturm Insel








The completion of this section is described in Chapter 41: Pulverturm Insel



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