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36.0 ~ The Idea

(March, 2023) 



Since Schloss Cochem needs some walls in the back (the ones I already had were not sufficient),

I ordered an extra pair of fortified towers, or so-called 'Wehrtürme'.


Faller 130403



35.1 ~ Unboxing

(24 Februari, 2023)










36.1 ~ Painting

(March 24, 2023)




The known procedure of painting



I thought that this set was about a both/and choice regarding a tower with an angle of 90 and 180 degrees.

But it turned out to be either/or, with the 45 degree tower next to it.

Nevermind, it turned out to cecome even better.






The completion of this section is described in Chapter 41 'Pulverturm Insel'.



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