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 W e h r t ü r m e


Faller 130693



34.0 ~ The Idea

(March, 2023) 



Working on Schloss Cochem, more Rothenburger Wall Parts were needed.

I ordered this newly released set Altstadtmauer-Set "Wehrtürme" (Faller 130693) in addition to the Set "Schildmauer" (Faller 130691) and "Wehrtürme"(130403).





35.1 ~ Unboxing, Constructing and Painting

(24 Februari - 11 March 2023)






A nice addition is this gun (in two forms), although there is only one chassis in the box (brown), but three guns are printed (black).

I therefor ordered five undercarriages (30A) and 1 extra set with three guns (30B) at Faller Kundendienst, so that I can now make six.

They will become a beautiful addition to the Royal Square.











Although it is almost becoming a routine job to paint these types of walls,

the color scheme and weathering always require full attention to keep color deviations to a minimum.



The idea of a wooden paneling at one of the towers appealed to me, to create some variety. I have used it before at the Wehrturm on the outskirts of the city, remember?






35.2 ~ A bright idea, or: how to solve the 'degree' problem

(March 2023)





I spent a lot of time puzzling over how I could connect the Pulverturm via the wall corridors in the right way and at the right angle.

The Schildmauer is at a strange angle where it all starts. Then the Wehrtürme can only be positioned 45, 90 and 180 degrees.

But I couldn't figure it out, even though I know exactly how I want to position the Pulverturm with its strange wall angle:



And then came that eureka moment:

two 45 degree towers that could face each other, not put together against each other, but interspersed with a bridge.

And because of that bridge, I can now, so to speak, align to a hundredth of a degree.





And besides the fact that I can now place each part as I want, this composition also gives an enormously beautiful variety to the whole.

Although... the Johannes chapel will hide part of this composition from view. 



The completion of this section is described in Chapter 41 'Pulverturm Insel'.



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