R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


"A l t e s   R a t h a u s   L i n d a u "

(Faller 130902 ~ Lindau Old Townhall )




14.1 ~ I n t r o d u c t i o n




For many weeks the box of the Old Town Hall "Lindau" was waiting to be opened, since I was working on the Altstadtmauer and other things around.




14.2 ~ Unboxing

(September 28, 2021)


After finishing the Altstadtmauer (old city wall), it was time to unbox the Lindau Rathaus,

since I cannot finish the surroundings before this building is in place.










As one can see, this model is truly something special with all those amazing imprints, nicely wrapped in paper.

Because of these overprints, I had to make a decision as to which parts would or would not be weathered.

It was obvious that the colored white parts would remain untouched.




14.3 ~ The Painting

September 28, 2021



After a thorough study of the original, I was of the opinion that all the stonework was a light sort of gray.

To get some variety I decided to do the bricks and window frames a light gray, while the decorations on top got a darker shade.

Thus it happened... 






The next morning it turned out to be a big miss. At least what can be said....



I quickly retraced my steps through my tried and tested method of using beige sandstone, as previously applied to the Klingentorturm and other old buildings.



The nice thing was that the beige sandstone color started to mix with the gray underlayer, which gave an exceptionally beautiful aging effect.

There was a kind of marble...



A resounding success, however, was the old English red, which I borrowed from the original, intended for the window frames.






For the woodwork I choose again a mix of matt black and gun ship green.



And then there was a very detailed job...





14. 4 ~ The Building

October 2nd 2021


Now you can see how the 'untouched' imprinted parts are combined with the weathered parts.

As before, I couldn't imagine that it would turn out as wonderful as this.





This time, Faller suggested to cut out the windows as printed on page 2.





Here you can see the effect of the old English red window frames!



Erecting the 4 walls...






In the evening I could no longer resist to see what impression the building would make when it was placed on the Cochemer Bahn.

There the idea arose to remove the tower (which belongs to the Altstadtmauer) from its peak and to place it next to the Lindau Rathaus.




I n t e r m i s s i o n






Using lanterns lost in the past...



The next morning, October 4th, I continued the constructing of stairs. I copied the green color,

but the woodwork of the poles remained black instead of the original old English red.




And then there is the " V e r k ü n d e r - E r k e r "

"Vom Verkünder-Erker aus informierten zu früheren Zeiten die Stadtoberen ihre Bürger über Beschlüsse und neue Verordnungen.

Und noch heute erinnert der Erker an die christlichen Grundwerte: Auf seinen Bildflächen sind die Zehn Gebote dargestellt."








One day after, I started working on the first floor. A very delicate work, for not spoiling the printing with (too much) glue.

(For this, I used a totally new technique: glueing from inside).











Three days later, October 11

Now we're getting somewhere!




Lady Justice is placed in her niche which, in accordance with the original, is also painted old English red (a trickie accurate job).



No less than 30 parts for only 6 skylights are needed




The next step considers the stepped gable. Every tile was handpainted and weathered...




... as were the facade decorative stripes





Many birds have been sitting on the bells... 



Then  it's  time for  some illumination



I decided to not divide in floors or windows.

The window lighting is soft and serene anyway. As it is a government building, all windows may be lit.



I placed a wall lantern (Viessmann) in the blind spot.

Together with the lamps of the Klingentorturm and the watchtower against the side wall, its light covers the entire intersection. 


The next day it was time to apply the details.



Flagpoles in the windows. I choose for not using the flags



Fortunately, I managed to fit the delicate sundial without messing with glue.





At night...


During testing the light at night, I noticed that the lamp in the Klingentorturm-gate was shining in all directions.

Therefor I created this lamp (al the others were used). 





Speaking of the Klingentorturm... since the little door on the right has no meaning to me and I had some spare wall parts 

I created this former powder room, which now is in use for storage..







Although the town hall is in competition with the Klingentorturm in height, all roofs still rise gradually.





On October 14, I worked on the pavement, the tower lighting, buttresses, the edges for the gravel and further decoration around the Town Hall.






This statue was delivered this morning.
This will be placed on a buttress against the house right next to the gate as a welcome to all who enter the city through this gate.




October 15 was important: white gravel was supplied and raked around the house.




It almost looks like a scene from 'Oliver Twist'.



Now that the gravel is done, I can attach the corner lanterns.




The driver's job is done for today.




That is to say, a week later he had to bring another statue, needed on top of the buttress on the opposite side of the Town Hall Tower.




It's the lady from the Kibri Fountain (Rathaus Brunnen Miltenberg, Kibri 8905), which I bought in the late 1980's.










14.5 ~ Additional...


In March 2023, Faller sent me the set  Facade Figures (151634).





With a touch of lasur and dry white...

The knights are in front of the castle, lady justice I have placed on the facade of Lindau Town Hall. I thought the ornamental trees were too kitschy. 







On January 9, 2024, another Preiser statuette - Archangel Michael - came on the other side of the Lindau Rathaus.








To me, these statues give more cachet to the building than the apple trees, originally intended here.




A propos...



I shot the Faller Lindau Rathaus in the Spur N at the Faller Stand at the Dortmund Intermodellbau Fair on Thursday April 18, 2024


Dortmund Intermodellbau | 18.4.2024 | Faller stand




A Propos


The creation of the Lindau Fence - Adler's work on as they call it now: Zaun Lindau - is described in another chapter!



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