R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



13.3 ~ A l l  a r o u n d  t h e  C i t y  W a l l




13.3.1 ~ T h e   S q u a r e

(September 23, 2021)


In 1992 I started constructing the Cochemer Bahn.

The edge on the left never got my fullest attention, since it was both out of sight and in effect I didn't know how to finish it.

These days, it's going to change. 




Before fixing the square permanently, I decided to I decided to put in stage lights as I did thirty years ago at the Cochemer Burg.




Before I can lay hand on the wall, this little square has to be completed first.

Now that the clinker paving is ready and the stage lamp has been installed,

completely new perimeter walls will be installed on the left, front center (under the Turmhaus) and on the right.



This one comes at the left, between Lindau Rathaus and the Bookstore.

The rear side had to be cut by hand. Some weeds in the joints...




Since the stairs of Turmhaus don't fit on the pavement, but hangover the edge,

I was forced to make another staircase into the square. It turned out to be lovely, I must say.












13.3.2 ~ T h e  O l d  F o u n d a t i o n

(September 24, 2021)


As an extension of the new city wall, I have devised a piece of nature that connects with the current edge of the Cochemer Bahn.

But it should also flow smoothly into each other in both directions, be it nature or culture.

While processing a piece of styrofoam, I saw another piece in the bin with just the right angle to reuse.

As noted earlier and which happens to me constantly: by chance you always come up with new ideas, which someone else would think have been carefully thought out.


Nothing is less true...
To me, this is what makes model building such an attractive adventure.






As a painting, the Dutch would call this a 'S t i l l e v e n'




Since I still have to move around the Monastery display, I was hesitant whether or not to glue this fragile piece.

But in the evening of October 1st I took the plunge.










By the way...


... I disliked this spire one way or another. "Is it a spire or a spike?" one might ask.


In the evening of October 2, I removed it nevertheless, since the idea got in my mind to put this tower against the wall of the Lindau Rathaus. 

In order to not disturb the image of the Klingentorturm, I want a stubby tower.


This is what became of it today (October 3)



About the Lindau Rathaus, the next chapter will tell you more.




13.3.3 ~ Transition in the back

(October 24, 2021)


To demarcate the "Alte Stadtmauer" , I added another wall at the end of the street, heading north.

It's made of arcade remnants from Faller 130401, Faller Styrodur Mauerplatte and balsa wood.








October 25




"Bows in or bows out...?"





Let's give the glue a night's time to dry...




The next day: let nature come!












~~~ ~~~ 

Die Cochemer Altstadt ist heutzutage jetzt ganz mit Mauern umgeben!






13.3.4 ~ T r a n s i t i o n  i n  t h e  f r o n t

(November 4, 2021)


Last night I got the final idea of the opposit transition.

From the cobblestones I have to pass effortlessly into vegetation.









I might reconsider to fill the whole place with vegetation right up to the little wall of the yard-to-come... 



Hand cut wood in the alcove, for colder days to come...

It took me some 20 minutes to get each and every one, from large to small, in the alcove.






13.3.5 ~ F i n i s h i n g  u p

Friday and Saturday (November 5-6)


Wohnturm and two parts of the wall glued to the frame.

Now permanent vegetation can be applied.

Some trees were refined and grass near the platform got finally 'weeds at the edges'. 



















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