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Pavillon | Pavilion

April/May 2024



While I was musing about the further use of the Lustgarten, Markus came up with the idea of a pavilion.

He advised Busch 1578.





I loved the idea, but the dome roof really put me off. Until I pondered... what if... Adler...?



And yes sir, after sending a message to Julian, I received a positive response within the hour. 

Adler had previously had a pavilion in mind.


Therefore, my idea was received with great enthusiasm and the next morning I saw the first sketches, which had taken him more than four hours of work:





On January 23, 2024 I received the first print, with a message on Adler Facebook where the pavilion had already been assembled:




23.1.2024 on Facebook | Adler A-9474





During a photo shoot at Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur Köln (April 17th, 2024) I received the pavilion, together with a metal Viehverladerampe.

Carefully packed in a box so as not to be damaged during my return journey the next day after visiting the Dortmund Intermodell Fair.




Julian has sandblasted the pavilion, but I still have to blacken the solder points.

Let's see how it looks on the Cochemer Bahn...








Naturally, there will be a marble stone floor under the pavilion, which I designed using a piece of cardboard.

In the same way as I made the 'stone floor' of the Pulverturm.

And after applying a beige primer, choose to make the stones look like marble. You can get this effect by tamping the still wet paint with a dry tissue.







A gloss black coating was added, both for the solder points and the initial matte black primer.




Finally I knew that I should have a 'stone' table somewhere, which I should decorate the interior of the pavilion, together with a bench.

Of course, the royalties must be able to enjoy the view, the conversations or whatever else while sitting...








This Pavilion is a beautiful addition to the Cochemer Bahn in general and to the Lustgarten in particular.

Now is the waiting for Faller's next shipment, including lots of vegetation and more!


Then the Lustgarten - and in effect the whole Schloss Cochem display - will be finished.

Ready for another photoshoot...




The Pavilion A-9474 is produced by Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur Köln and can be orderd at:




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