I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all my friends, who inspired me and made it possible to realize this homepage.

They advised me with their respected view and vision.


The Netherlands: Sander van Wijk for permitting me to shoot many of his Era 1 models, since we share a mutual Era 1 interest,

as well as Wim D., Clemens H. and Frank N., who kindly invited me at their homes for photographing their collection.

United Kingdom: Chris Manvell for letting me use all his fine N- and Z-Scale pictures and who frequently checks my website for broken URL's

Germany: Jens Braun, Aristoteles Held, Peer Donner, Jörg Straube, Michael Biaesch, Volker Spieth, Thomas Lösch, Christian Bauer, Rudolf Appel,

Peter Effert, Robert Seis, Klaus Gögg, Alfred Büchele, Siegfried Nann, Martin Kohler, Nico Kaiser, Uwe Waßmuth, Lorenz Kästner, Heiko Plangemann, Nils Moh, Jens Strenge, Markus Böhm

Denmark: Søren Jacob Lauritsen

Turkey: Derya Ferendeci and Erkut Baykal

France: Yves Brochard, Emmanuel Bournez, Patrick Sambourg and Jean Buchmann (Alsace Lorraine)

Ukraine: Vadim in Lvov (owner of brass-royalmodels), who gave me excellent pictures of rare models from the 1960's,

but sinc 2020 provides me with many great pictures of still rare brass models, together with his friend Alexander Nozadze

USA: Phil Barker (USA)

Russia: Daniel Petrov

Romania: Dan Hotico and Cristian Buru

Spain: Carlos Aisa and José María García Olgado

Then there is Jacq Damen (Helmond, the Netherlands) who presented his layout Dreimühlentalbahn to me for some serious photo shooting, next to his help, advice and friendship.

A particular gratitude comes to Rogier Donker, Indiana (USA), excellent translator, teacher and true friend from the days I initiated this website. Love ya, bro!


But there are many more friends around this world who kindly permitted me using many of their fine pictures for the Gallery and Models-List, and who commented on my textual concept.

A special gratitude, unseen in the world of manufacturers, goes to Frau Karin Wirtz-Bachmann from Westmodel, for sending me all the remaining and original Westmodel pictures she could find in the Westmodel Files (March 2007 viz. February 2008).

Mr. Thomas Maulu from Micro Metakit (Landshut) introduced me into the office of Herr Passberger for visually digitalizing all their current stock (July 13th-15th, 2009),

as well as Andreas Mehrl from Micro Feinmechanik who kindly sent me all available pictures (January 2011). Frits Passberger and Karl Rauchenecker passed away in 2017.

Jens Klose from Crottendorf gave me kind permission for using all pictures from both MMC and Weinert.

Markus Böhm closely studied my style of photography and is shooting many pictures in my LEO-style since 2022.

I feel most privileged having all these kind people around me.

Last update: 17.3.2023