~ Visiting Reichsburg Cochem | 9.9.2023 ~


In September 2023 I spent a long weekend in the Moselle Valley, surrounded by vineyards.

The Reichsburg Cochem is also located on the Moselle, which I first saw on the way to Trier in the 1990's.
The Reichsburg looked very much like my 'Falkenstein' Castle and immediately determined the name of my model railway to be built:

'Die Cochemer Bahn'

Nowadays many referre simply to my layout as 'CB'.




Zell am Mosel | 8.9.2023




Reichsburg Cochem | 9.9.2023



In the morning still hidden in mist...


Seen from Endertplatz, where the shuttle bus picked me up...


The famous road 259, where in the 1990's I saw Reichsburg Cochem for the very first time, laying in the Mosel valley below... 


Mosel Valley seen from the Burg's balcony










Walking down the hill to Cochem...







"Mosel Riesling Spätlese Qualität, lieblich" | Reichsburg Coin, thanks to the advise of Jimmy Low!


Reichsburg Cochem in the afternoon sun... with a final farewell.



Die Cochemer Burg | Video