R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



9.3 ~ T h e  M o n a s t e r y




The Vollmer Monastery was ordered online, and delivered at my homestead on January 26. 

After the Klingentorturm, this will be Project Nr. 2, after which the Wall (Faller 130401), the Cathedral (Faller 130598)

and finally, the White Tower (Vollmer 43900) - which started it all - will be tackled as projects to come.



Because I do not yet have an idea of the dimensions of both the cathedral and the monastery as well as the position in relation to the city in front,

I will wait a while with the layout until both buildings are ready.  



The wonderful, almost virgin feeling when opening the box and everything is waiting to be painted and put together...




Chapter 9.3.1 ~ T h e P a i n t in g



After studying the manual, I first apply the basic colour, this time mixed with a more reddish brown.



To me, this wall section is strongly reminiscent of the Spookslot in De Efteling (Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands).



For the rooftiles I choose again a mix of amaranth red (Vallejo), Heki Dur Lasur (wet application) and dry white topping (Sandtone nr. 83).

The flat roofs got a mix of black and gunship green, weathered with Lasur and dry white.



Due to the wet use of the lasur, some parts got a curious print.




Comparing front and back clearly shows the distinction. Notice the tympanum above the door. 




The refinement is partly due to the sparing addition of orange brown. 




Chapter 9.3.2 ~ C o n s t r u c t i n g











In between, just check how voluminous the whole thing is... 


It looks like the entire Bebenhausen monastery complex would never have had enough space.




The ext day (Februari 12, 2021


Windows and hallway are installed.


It's getting a cliché... but what a little painting alone can give such a completely different perspective.


 I still had to do some painting as some parts of the back remain visible.



Although not provided for this location by Vollmer, I still want lighting here in the hallway corridor.





While I'm at it, the winter sun shines on my tabletop and provides the whole with a beautiful shadow work of art.


And then it's time for stained-glass...




Not exactly beautiful, if you ask me.

When only I think of the cathedral that Vollmer made years ago, with that transparent adhesive plastic windows with a stained-glass printing on it.

These colours - most red and green - are way too harsh for me. By the way, the paint came off the paper while I only used thinned wood glue...

Why all the trouble...?!



The more I looked at it, the more it irritated me that this paper insert disturbed the whole character of the building and turned it into a toy building kit.

That's why I took it out for good, but had to replace a number of glass windows as well (in the way Faller does) because of glue marks.

As with the making of the Klingentorturm, I have decided to make an interior, as far as necessary and desirable. 


These beams in the roof are only for carrying the micro-wire bulbs.


Nice cramp-iron




Chapter 9.3.3 ~ F i n i s h i n g  u p



With such a beautifully weathered roof, I disliked installing the brightly coloured paper skylights prescribed by Vollmer.

I therefore opted for beautifully weathered wooden lids. The monks never come to the attic anyway...




When trying the paper mask, I discovered that I should have followed my instinct at the beginning.

The front door has two side windows and should have been positioned right here!

The manual supposed otherwise, which in the end doesn't concur with the mask. Alas...




I needed roof trusses to attach the lamps to the roof of the church hall. Afterwards I decided to use chandeliers.

I had no intention of ever using these too large street lamps again.




Although not prescribed, I have fitted the rain gutters wherever possible.

Fortunately, the kit contained enough parts to do this correctly.

Almost done...



Although the roof itself has not yet been glued together, here's a first impression of the whole.






Into the trainroom







After some 4 months a little more progress to finishing things up.




Testing the lanterns. Lamps (non-functional) are added against the wall, the very same as in the church.

The upper floor windows on the backside got stained glass, which I intentionally turned inside out.



I decided to make an interior to the monastery as well, be it more modest than the Cathedral.

I made 7 benches, an altar viz. lectern for college and I added a Faller micro cable bulb in the small chapel.

The clergy guys got a little lasur to highlight their facial expression and the folds in their garbs.






Since I didn't want to leave the interior of the room completely deserted, I decided to create a small scene.

The Cochemer Brass Band rehearses in Bavarian costume for an upcoming wedding ceremony the next day.






Finally, the roof is being glued!



The monastery is now ready to be positioned on the Cochemer Bahn.





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