R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



9.2 ~ A canopy for the station



While looking at the castings of the Monastery (Vollmer 43860), I discovered that some parts would not be used at all.

Apparently, they belonged to another kit. To me, it looked like a platform canopy.

Let this now have exactly the right size for my end station.

One thing led to another. 



This is how the station looked like for many years...



... and after the 2019 expansion with an extra platform between the tracks.



On Saturday February 6th I removed the station for a thorough upgrading. Besides, Sander hinted to fill the empty benches with waiting travellers.



Ouch... I can do better than that!



Both the waiting room (left) and the office got a new interior painting. I choose for Ivory.


Vallejo ivory for the walls, whereas the castings of the monastery in Vallejo gloss black.




Tidying up the whole lot, vacuuming and giving it a new coat of paint (Cork and Lasur).




Although there are 6 'cast iron' racks, I will only use three of them.



Because the wall of the goods shed stands out slightly from the waiting area, I had to cut away the necessary material.





Since the platform had been in the dark for all these years, I immediately decided to put up two extra outdoor lanterns.

They are wonderfully hidden under the canopy.




Since tickets are sold directly at the platform, a supervisor is needed at the counter.

(Preiser 12134, Royal Bavarian railway personnel around 1900)



Besides train tickets, this morning's newspaper is ready for sale





In the meantime, some famous and less famous royalties were glued here and there ...





Okay, now let's go from the interior right through to the outside!




After installing the wiring under the table, a grand evening atmosphere is created!




Frits Osterthun 22.1.2023

Last update: 28.1.2023