R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l  9



9.1 ~ Town Expansion





As I set up the Klingentorturm on the outskirts of Cochemer Town, I saw how it stood exactly on the edge of the layout. No mirror behind it this time to create some depth.

In addition, I have about 53 centimetres of space between layout and background.


So, the thought arose: 'Why not an extension? Something you can see under the gate?' A field road or something...?

This idea quickly grew into urban expansion beyond the wall.
The first option was the Monastery Bebenhausen (Faller 130816). A fantastic subject, which fits well with the theme of the layout.

Unfortunately, this model appears to be sold out for years and my dealer also had none.


So, I choose for the Cathedral which in fact is part of the Bebenhausen Monastery.

In addition, I ordered the Vollmer Monastery (43860) as well.



First, I had to make the basis. It took me one day planning, fixing and adjusting,

but it seemed a lot easier than the expansion of the middle section I did last year.



Two poles to carry the whole. I suppose that this part of the city will not have too much weight.








The urban expansion also means that the backdrop can be raised about 15 centimetres,

because the 'two villas' (which I do not want to see) disappear behind the buildings and/or vineyard.



Frits Osterthun 22.1.2023

Last update: 28.1.2023