R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



7.3 ~ Finishing the coal bunker




Last week the reed coal baskets arrived after ten months waiting (they came all the way from Vietnam).

Now, I finally was able to finish the coal bunker.





As it was in Februrai 2020 


... and six months later (August 2020)




But now, the finishing touch!




Before I put the baskets in thier spots, I will give the area a true coal-ish look. But first a recap...






Finally glued to the platform




First both the platform and surrounding area are painted in a thin mix of black and lasur



The coal is scattered around the bunker.

On the paltform, the coal is positioned on the right spot, still dry. A little philosophy is not superfluous... 


The staircase now added, the coal glued...




The right atmosphere is created. Waiting for the next locomotive to be supplied!



Tomorrow, I will add the bats and coal shovels




And so I did...  (December 19, 2020)




Filling an empty basket half with coal





Ouch... someone toppled a basket!





To top it all off, I tackled the area along the track as well 







And in the end, some lasur topping here and there... 



Frits Osterthun 19.12.2020

Last update: 25.1.2023