R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



6.1 ~ P a r a d e s t r e c k e

(July 2020)



Midsummer 2020, I focused largely on the parade track in the front.

Starting May 13th with new gravel near the man track in front, the so called 'parade track' of 'Paradestrecke'

July became the month of truth. 



Since Busch changed the composition of Herbstaue 1305 - as Mr. Jörg Vallen stated in a private message -

I decided to try Busch 1301 Dry Grass on his advice.  

At first sight it looks like sponge.



However, paint and vegetation material are at hand, besides a lot of imagination and patience!




July 9-10, 2020





After some 30 years, this old tree trunk must be removed to give way for new vegetation.







A week later, I continued with the edges and a small tree...  



I painted the other sheet of Busch 1301 in advance, to avoid difference in colour. At the right side you can still see the original.




After a day of drying, this is the starting point of today! 







Liebe zum Detail! As ever...










A day later, I worked on the stretch near the Lorelei tunnel, across the track.



The journey continues through August 


Although this was my first attempt at a level crossing, I found it too wide all along. And that for a handful of sheep. So, get rid of it!






In the meantime, I have also added an extra strip of grass between the tracks.











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