R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


5.2 ~ A t  t h e  L o r e l e i  T u n n e l

(May 2020)


Now that the track is being thoroughly renovated, I think it is time to also tackle the nature reserve around the Lorelei tunnel entrance.

As you may have noticed, I made a circumferential movement from left to right during the renovation.

Starting from the city, it went to the hunting lodge and from there to the castle.

On the left was the deciduous forest, around the castle a beautiful pine forest.

In between, a new extension brought a new dimension to the layout at the rear side.


And finally, we are reaching the Front.



What bothered me for years was this small piece of wall at the right.

For some reason, it has slipped during mounting.



The nice thing about renovating is that every 'annoyance' is a signal for improvement.

Indeed, some philosophy is certainly involved.



So, I started the Lorelei Adventure some days ago with removing it.



I intended to use some leftover grass (Busch 1305) at the bottom. But I left that out for a while...



After a spray of water, soap and alcohol, followed by a layer of white glue... and creativity can start again!







Some detailing work...  


...like a small nail, needed to fixing the switch,


... or some hanging foliage adorning the rocks (see arrows). 


Now, what really makes this frontal site is the B i g  T r e e. As you might remember, in March 2019 it looked like this: 



I stripped this tree trunk of its foliage...  



... and made new branches with Seemos.




Under and around the tree there will be a ground covering of soil, leaf debris, weeds, vegetation and not to forget:

'wear spots' (white sand) where sheep and other animals pass by...



Good tools, sufficient material, your own skills and a lot of imagination - that's what it's all about.



On the other side of the track I also wanted to add something of a brush, so that the tunnel blends more into nature.

I started with a solitary birch tree. But only after adding some small bushes around the trunk, I knew: this is it!

Again, it's not something that you plan in advance, but it's trial and error, yet, try again and you'll succeed.




So far, the Lorelei Tunnel.



Considering how it all started... (June 14, 2002)


... and now is! (May 22, 2020)



Frits Osterthun 26.7.2020

Last update: 24.1.2023