R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l 



4.2 ~ D a s  O b e r w e r k

(April 2020)


Now that I have stopped filming for a while since the 4 Royalties are finished,

 I will focus on an extension of the Cochemer Bahn in the back, in a way that I had in mind since the renovation began.

I noticed that the two V-shaped gaps in the back lack depth.






Hence the idea of making a kind of removable balcony in the back with only trees. I only focussed on the left gap (nr. 1).

 Since it was not easy to make a construction that could slide against a narrow rear wall, I decided to use the frame under the track as a support point.

Then they idea occurred, like: why not tackle the right opening right away?


So, it became a 120 cm box altogether. That's why it is a fairly deep extension now.

Considering the size, a remark that musician Volker Hartung in 2010 came into mind:

"Your layout of the Cochemer Bahn is shaped like a church organ. City and castle are the pedal towers, and your console is the keyboard."



In that spirit, the Extension at the back can be seen as an 'Oberwerk' or Swell.

In German, the Oberwerk is "das Teilwerk einer Orgel, das über dem Hauptwerk angebracht ist."

That is, the specific part on top of the Great.


Now let's see the making of the E x t e n s i o n, or if you like: O b e r w e r k !






Two beams will support the whole thing.




The blue Styrofoam does not crumble as much as the white one 





A dowel is used to keep things in place...























After positioning it back to the layout, I noticed that from the back you can see parts of the layout's edge.

Therefor I decided to adjust the level, even after paining.












On April 30th I not only painted the whole thing, but applied earth and green stuff as well.










Today - May 1, 2020 - I focussed on dry-whiting the rocks and see what adjustments have to be made when positioned behind the Cochemer Bahn.

It's awesome to see how the layout has gained in depth.









21 small fir trees waiting to be planted...



A first idea of tree planting...



Two new birch trees were made in order to continue the line of the meadow in the front. A forest edge comes in the back (May 2-3).


The left V-gap was still not the way I wanted it to look like.

Therefore, I made the bold decision to cut away the entire ground cover and rock, even though it was freshly painted this morning.

It must be a field with a descending line, which connects to the field behind it.





Since there is a gap between layout and extension, I try to visually eliminate it. 

It now looks like a ditch...




Seen from above and from the side, not exactly beautiful. But anyway, it looks more attractive from the front.



On the right side, the gorge gets a new perspective too.






Saturday, May 8th


After cutting and weathering some 21 small fir trees, it's time to give the 'backstage' real vegetation.

Not knowing yet, that I will need twice as many trees!











Looks promising indeed...


Saturday May 9th ~ Some mandatory finetuning...



Both the extension and the layout itself need some finetuning with little shrubs and thickets (Heki 1676, 1677 and 1678).

I also made new (silicone) 'water' for the waterfalls...













and right, still without...


...and now with (silicone) waterfall


And all together... 



Frits Osterthun © 17.5.2020

Last update: 24.1.2023