R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l


Hof statt Lustgarten






43.1 ~ Planning

(16 July, 2023) 





In our consultation, Jimmy Low came up with the idea of turning the small piece of land next to the slope into a Lustgarten.
The royal party would then have a piece of private land, where they could retreat from the common people.
However, I came to the conclusion that this piece of land is much too small to be able to move.


In addition, a connection had to be made at the same place - a path, road or stairs - with the existing city gate of the Cochemer Bahn that leads to the market.
Hence, after careful consideration, I decided to turn the initial 'Lustgarten' into a small courtyard.

At the same time, the idea came up to create a large Lustgarten on the south side of the Royal Square.

Everything falls into place in the end... 



Everything fits to the millimeter! Cool work, Jimmy!




It's questions like these that take up a lot of time:  "Where does this piece of wall come into its own most? What makes sense?

Can you still walk there? What effect will it have on the whole if I put it there?"



That little guardhouse, which originally stood at the foot of the stairs of Schloss Cochem, needs an uplift.




Cannonballs as a doorknob, a hatch, a small shelter with wooden supports above the door, two balsa planks as a door, a lick of paint (yet to come), and you're done.... 








Then the question of how and where exactly the gatehouse will come.

The transition edge of cobblestones bothers me, and could disappear under the gate,

but then the gatehouse has to go to the left, forcing me to remove a piece of the wall along the stairs.
All time-consuming questions...
But you don't want to be bothered by an illogical choice at the end.



I also installed an extra outdoor lamp to illuminate the courtyard.




43.2 ~ Gluing

(31 July, 2023) 


On July 30th I determined the place where the stairs would go along the slope, and a day later all parts of the slope and court were glued.














43.3 ~ And then there was... Adler!

(1 August, 2023) 








And as you can see here: the gatehouse has indeed shifted to the left!






At my request (August 3), Julian immediately designed a crank for my horse pump, while asking the right measurements:





Filling the gap with a piece of wall... 





On August 4, Jimmy Low replied, seeing this picture on my FB page: 

"I suggest put it away from the Lustgarten. The smell would be unpleasant for HRH and guests."


My answer to him in return:  

Quite right, Sir.

You as I know this site by heart, and too true: horses shouldn't be in such proximity of the Castle.

Besides, it's a small spot in which they hardly can turn around, left the smell hanging between the walls on sunny days without wind bringing a bit of fresh air...

Only for the new waterhorsepump, HRH allowed a small photoshoot, but droppings had to be removed immediately and on the spot...

Only when highborn guests are invited to Schloss Cochem, horses pulling coaches have access to the Royal Square.


But mind you, even then and there royal staff is ordered to remove every 'natural left overs',

for not disturbing the fresh air either at the Castle's entrance at Martinstor or in the vicinity of the southbound Lustgarten,

otherwise, there is little Lust left in the Garten...




43.4 ~ Let there be... Light!

(5 August, 2023) 










Somehow, I misjudged the place of this lantern in relation to the market and the courtyard itself.

The 'irritation' of imbalance was again the well-known signal to change it.

Drilling a hole in the fine cobblestone layer is, by definition, a deterrent. However, the basket of lavender solved this in an appropriate way.






28.10.023 ~ nothing changed on this side so far



Untill 24 November 



A jar in the niche (thanks to Rolf Reich)









27.11.2023 | Horse waterpump fixed to the Hof








For some reason, I still did not like the arrangement of the water pump. It lacked a drain to collect the water, let alone a basin from which the horses could drink.
The atmosphere too was not yet what I was looking for. Hence, an adjustment was needed.  


The doorframe of the Weinkellerei (Faller) was a perfect match for the base of the water pump.



Initially, I wanted to put the entire piece of cardboard under the pump, but this tilted the pump slightly backwards.
Hence I later halved it.





It hurt a bit to damage Jimmy's handiwork. He engraved each stone by hand.


Testing the fit...





A little water from Noch came in handy to give the stones some shine.

The pump had just been used by a woman who came to fetch water



Preiser 28221 | Beim Wasserholen

How fitting...







Frits Osterthun 9.8.2023

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