R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l



Chapter 3.8 ~ P o n d  i n  t h e  f o r e s t



Since by chance there was this kind of gorge and I always wanted a small pond in the forest,

I will try to make another waterfall - moreover a brook - at the right of the layout, which will be surrounded by the forest!







After four days and for one reason or another, the bottom of the pond is still not dry.

What was that awkward stuff in the bottle I used?  

Nevertheless, I painted the gorge on this Friday afternoon...







Here we go! My first water experiment in scale1:87...




I am pretty curious myself how this tunnel entrance will look like, when it will be surrounded by a forest in the front.

It will most certainly affect film and photography. 




However... trial and error.

I wanted to try Glitsa parquet lacquer for water.

It not only turrned out to be non-glossy, but it also dried ... well... see for yourself!


T o t a l  f a i l u r e !




I hope that I can 'fill in the gaps' with Noch "Modellwasser"...




So I did on March 16th 2020:




" L o c h   C o c h e m i e n s i s "



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