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Chapter 3.7 ~ T h e  H i l l  R i d g e 



Last weekend working on the hill ridge at the south-east side of the Castle


Although I'm careful in ordering online, I needed "Busch 1305 Herbstaue" this weekend for another meadow on the hill ridge.

So I ordered it by modelbahn-shop Lippe. Alas, although the right item, it seemed to be a pretty outdated box.

A totally wrong colouring and half the size it should have been.





Compare the hight of the grass (left: the 'erroneous' 1305, right: 1308). Also mark those awkward green and red spots...



Since I still had a piece of 1308 Waldrand - not directly my favourite, since to me it's too dark greenish and I became rather fond of Herbstaue 1305 -

but yet I wanted to do something in this weekend, I took paint and fantasy... and that's exactly how things work.





And than there is the planning of where to have grass and where the trees.

There will be trees anyway, but I don't want them to block the view on the castle from different angles.  



 By the way... those trees in front are the exception to the rule.

Untill now I used 24350, but this one is a box with Spruces in medium green!





I also used a different method: hanging instead of standing drying.

To prevent styrofoam from sticking to the stem.

Alas, most tree tops have a glue cone now...








The first week of March has arrived and I have added more trees and grass to the Eastern Slope.




















Working clockwise, the front part was at stake this afternoon...








My friend Ron insists on saying it all the time:

"Make the vegetation as thin as possible. Paper thin...!"



Therefor the result is most rewarding...




Furthermore, I had to finish some edges, by applying bushes and low scrub here and there.

I like the variety that is becoming increasingly visible.





Frits Osterthun 19.3.2020

Last update: 24.1.2023